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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Morelia, Michoacán: 20 Executions In Less Than Three Days; Among The Victims, Children, Adolescents And Women

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In less than three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 20 people have been killed in 11 municipalities of the Michoacán geography; of this total, two are children and two adolescents and there has also been a multiple execution in Morelia.

The municipalities where these acts of blood have occurred are those that are commonly already red spotlights due to their high incidence of this crime: Zamora, Sahuayo, Morelia, Zitácuaro, Jacona, Charo, Uruapan, Tarímbaro, Tangamandapio, Álvaro Obregón and Tangancícuaro.


In chronological order, the blood facts have been recorded as follows:

On Friday the 10th, in Zamora, a minor was shot in the possession of Ario de Rayón; the victim was identified as Jorge Isaac R., 16, who worked in a fried chicken restaurant and was a neighbor of the Riveras del Duero neighborhood. During the collection of evidence, 6 shells of .45 caliber were packed.

That same Friday, but in Sahuayo, another teenager was shot in the Enrique Méndez neighborhood and as a result of the attack, the minor lost his life; the minor was identified as José Antonio C., 17, years old.

In Morelia also last Friday, but in the possession of Cuto de la Esperanza, a deceased man with traces of violence was found; info concerning the victim is that he was between 50 and 55 years old, wore a black jacket, blue denim pants and had on brown boots.

In Zitácuaro, also on Friday the 10th, a 23-year-old man was shot dead in the San Miguel community.

Meanwhile, in Jacona last Friday, the body of a subject was located, with his hands tied behind his back, who had traces of violence and wounds to the neck caused by a sharp weapon; the age of the victim was between 40 and 45 years.

Friday had not het ended when in the municipality of Charo, the driver of a vehicle was shot on the Morelia - Mil Cumbres road, at kilometer 16 of the aforementioned route.

And on Saturday in Uruapan, a young mother and her two children were executed after armed men fired with long weapons at the vehicle in which they were traveling in the community of Caltzontzin; the young mother was identified as Leticia G., 35 years old. Of the children, it was only known that they were 11 and 12 years old; a 7-year-old girl survived the attack.

Also yesterday, Saturday, in Jacona, the body of a man who presented traces of violence and bullet wounds was located.

In this same municipality, another subject was killed in the Ángel Mendoza neighborhood; of the victim, it was only known that he was nicknamed "El Clown".

In Tarímbaro, also this Saturday, a body with bullet wounds, handcuffed and to which his murderers left a narco-message, was found lying on the road that leads to the town of Uruétaro;

In Tangamandapio, the body of an unidentified man with gunshot wounds was located on Saturday.

And this Sunday in Morelia, the bodies of five people were located in the Industrial City area, a few meters from Oriente 2 street, behind the back of a parcel company.

In Álvaro Obregón also this Sunday, the body of a man shot dead was found in front of the Sports Unit of this town; in this case the victim was recognized as Guadalupe S., 42 years old.

In Tanganycícuaro, a guy who went to his ex-girlfriend’s house was killed when he was beaten to death by the woman’s current partner; he was carrying an axe and a metal tube; the person who died from the blows they gave him, was known as José Luis A., 47 years old.

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  1. Punk ass CU with dirty tactics for military support

  2. viejillos pedorros de 47 años de edad, ya no tienen que andar ahi de calientes...
    While silvano aurioles tries to sell about 10 buildings he owns in the state to be liquid by the time his governorship ends and he runs away with his hardly earned peisos, no money gets paid to the cuicos or guardians or melitary, they already earned too much much and they already did nothing for their kickbacks but playing possum.

  3. Has to be the work of the Baby Killer Cartel aka CJNG.


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