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Monday, September 13, 2021

CDG Leaves 3 Dead with Narcomanta, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

The Gulf Cartel (Cartel del Golfo) recently left three men lying dead with narcomantas warning against selling “material” that they didn’t supply in Ciudad Valles, in the south eastern part of San Luis Potosí. 

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

Two Killed, Left at El Mirador 

At approximately 10:00 pm on the night of Friday, September 10, 2021, the 911 emergency line received a call reporting that there were two people seen lying down, seemingly lifeless along with a narcomanta (narco message sign) at kilometer 14 on the State highway, near a place known by locals as El Mirador in Ciudad Valles municipality, San Luis Potosí. 

Officers from both the Municipal Police and the San Luis Potosí State police were called to check on the report. When they arrived on scene, they verified that two deceased males were indeed left dead on the highway asphalt along with a narcomanta. The National Guard arrived in the area as support and investigating agents of the Attorney General’s Office arrived on scene to collect and document evidence. 

Investigating agents found two 9mm caliber bullet shells at the location. The two dead men both showed signs of corresponding gunshot wounds. Both men were wearing blindfolds over their eyes and showed signs of torture. 

One of the deceased was a “robust, dark-skinned” man according to Pulso SLP. This man was said to be wearing no shirt, blue denim shorts and was barefoot. 

The other deceased man was described as “of a thin complexion, with a dark complexion” and said to be wearing black pants, a purple shirt and black sneakers. 

The bright pink narcomanta that was left alongside the two dead men read as follows: 

This is what you get for selling material that is not from plaza CDG (Cartel del Golfo)

The investigating agents have since managed to identify one of those affected as a 45 years old man from the area; meanwhile, agents continue to work on determining the identity of the other man who is currently unidentified.

One Killed, Left Between Tampaya and Tantute

On the same night of September 10 when the two bodies were discovered, Víctor Manuel Monroy Lárraga, 38 years old was at his home in the Las Brisas neighborhood in Valles city (Ciudad Valles), in San Luis Potosí. 

Two vehicles pulled up outside of Víctor Monroy’s home on Privada Ferrocarril street, one a white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck another a blue Jeep Cherokee SUV with UCD license plates. Inside the two vehicles were at least six men carrying long barrel firearms. The armed men approached the front door of Víctor Monroy’s home and identified themselves as San Luis ministerial police officers. 

According to local newspaper El Manana de Valles, The men then entered the home and captured Víctor Monroy. Whether he went willingly or resisted is unspecified in reports. 

A short time after, at approximately 12:00 pm, Víctor Manuel Monroy’s dead body was found on a different section of the same state highway, located just south of Valles city, in between Tampaya and Tantute. 

There was another report to 911. Police arrived at this second location and confirmed the presence of a dead body inside a parked vehicle with a narcomanta sign placed on the windshield of the vehicle. The message of this narcomanta, unlike the one at El Mirador, was not disclosed or leaked through photographs. 

What does this mean? 

As covered recently on Borderland Beat, the state of San Luis Potosí has multiple competing cartels currently operating within it. The Gulf Cartel (Cartel del Golfo, CDG) is believed to hold the most area and acts as the dominating force overall within the state. But the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG) and Los Zetas splinter group Zetas Old School or Zetas Vieja Escuela (ZVE) both hold a significant amount of area. 

The municipality of Cuidad Valles where both executions and narcomantas were found, as seen below, are considered to be held by the CDG but it borders areas controlled by the ZVE, so it makes sense that CDG would keep a tight leash on local drug dealers, making sure they only sell their product as the naromanta implies. 

If another cartel group was supplying dealers with competing “material”, as the narcomanta calls it, then it is likely the ZVE based on their proximity to Ciudad Valles and more importantly Ciudad Valles proximity to the state of Tamaulipas, a state that has only known CDG or Los Zetas splinter group influence for some time now. 

It is possible that the “material” in question did not come from another cartel group but a local small-time supplier or was created by the supplier themselves, depending on the product being referred to. Regardless, CDG seems to write narcomantas less frequently than other cartel groups like the CJNG, CDS or CSRL. Whether this is due to their narcomantas being reported on less or simply being created less is still unclear. 

Sources: La Jornada San Luis, El Sol de San Luis, QuadratinEl UniversalPulso SLP, El Manana de Valles, SIPSE, Plano Informativo


  1. Wow selling drugs without the ok of the cartel =death.

  2. Detroit and Chicago are more dangerous than Mexico 🇲🇽

    1. Que maricon! Mexico tops the murder capital in the world. Nevertheless it's #1 in curuption.

  3. Replies
    1. Grupo Sombra? Definitely could be. For the map, I consulted data that just used the all encompassing "Gulf Cartel" instead of getting into the Gulf factions. Hope I didn't screw myself by not looking more into specifics.


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