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Saturday, September 4, 2021

"Don Angel" Chávez Gastelum Extradited From Mexico to the US

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Ángel Humberto Chávez Gastelum, Don Ángel, one of the most wanted drug lords on the planet, was extradited from Mexico to the United States.

"He allegedly controlled a drug distribution network with supply routes that brought cocaine from Colombia to Central America, then to Mexico, with final destination to the United States," reported the Department of Justice through the Central District of California.

Gastelum Chavez, known as the Netflix and/or the Rolex, is from Sinaloa. He was arrested in 2018 by Federal Police agents in Querétaro, as US authorities had accused him of 22 charges since July 27, 2017, along with 47 of his alleged accomplices. According to the Justice Department, this 47-year-old is involved in an investigation that led to the seizure of 3,492 kilos of cocaine, with a potential street value in the United States of 500 million dollars.

“The indictment charges Chávez Gastelum with 12 crimes, including drug trafficking and importation and money laundering. He is also accused of being the main leader of a continuous criminal enterprise, a crime that carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment in federal prison, ”reported the US prosecutor's office.

Víctor Hugo Cuéllar Silva, a middle manager of the Netflix organization, was extradited from Colombia to the United States in November 2018. The Colombian is accused of collaborating with Chávez Gastelum in a cartel that used planes, speedboats, and submarines to traffic valued cocaine. in hundreds of millions of dollars. With the arrival to the California court, at least 22 of his alleged accomplices will be prosecuted. Previously, the authorities had already scheduled a trial in this case for March 15, 2022.

The alleged criminal ringleader was arrested as reported by Borderland Beat, while in the vicinity of Mochomos restaurant, located in Santiago de Querétaro. Criminal Investigation agents coordinated the operation that night and early morning from November 7 to 8, 2018. In addition to Netflix, his son, Alonso Jaime Gastelum Salazar, along with three other men were also arrested. According to court records, the case of Chávez Gastelum and the co-defendants remains sealed in the latest updates in 2021. It has not been reported whether he belonged to a larger organization such as the Sinaloa Cartel.

The formal accusation of these leaders is unique because it passes through the entire distribution chain, from the source where cocaine was produced in Colombia to investors in Mexico, transportation coordinators, drug storage houses, and large-scale distributors. stopover in the United States.

The seizures include drugs recovered from a plane that was shot down by the Venezuelan army and crashed in the Caribbean. Other drugs seized included nearly 833 kilograms of cocaine floating in bundles off the coast of Tumaco, Colombia; more than 700 kilograms of the same narcotic and at least 30 kilograms of methamphetamine seized from a house in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California.

Chávez Gastélum and his son, Alonso Jaime Gastélum Salazar, have also been charged with two counts of murder. One of the victims was tortured and dismembered, and the sinister act was recorded on video obtained by investigators, according to US prosecutors.

"This drug cartel has spread death and misery throughout the Americas and other parts of the world, which makes the case one of the most significant drug trafficking that has been carried out in this district," he said in 2018 US Attorney Nick Hanna. Currently, Assistant United States Attorneys Brittney M. Harris, J. Mark Childs, Matthew J. Rosenbaum, and Jehan M. Pernas of the International Narcotics, Money Laundering, and Extortion Section are handling the indictments.

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  1. Is he affiliated with Mayo or Chapo?

  2. So the Venezuelan army is actually participating and working with the usa and mexico to busy guys like this??

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