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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Police Accused Of Working With Los Wonders Again in San Luis Río, Sonora

"Sol Prendido" and "HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

A new video was shared on social media in which presumed hitmen of a cartel are seen. They are carrying firearms and wearing balaclavas while threatening the director of Municipal Police in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. 

They accuse him of being complicit with the local kidnapping gang “Los Wonders”, profiting from the ransom they make when innocent civilians are kidnapped. The following video contains no graphic content. 

Video Source: GHOSTDEVIIL on Twitter

In the video they say the following, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Mr. Puntillas, 
You are being notified that we have come to do justice for the townspeople. 
As well as for the innocent civilians that you have kidnapped, requested a ransom for, disappeared, murdered, and buried in the city of San Luis Rio Colorado.
We know for a fact that you receive money from narco traffickers. Just the same you utilize that scumbag gang ‘Los Wonders’ to do your dirty bidding.

We’ve arrived here and we’re coming after everyone. In specific we’re coming after Puntillas, Camacho, and that filthy gang Los Wonders. We demand that you take out, uncover, or send off your personnel to find all those individuals disappeared between July the 20th up till now. Otherwise, we will not show mercy with you or your counterparts.


The “Mr. Puntillas” referred to in the video likely refers to Luis Manuel Lugo Durón, who is often called Commander "Puntillas", the director of Municipal Police for the city of San Luis Río Colorado. 

The group “Los Wonders”, according to the San Luis Río’s Anti-Gang division is a gang which primarily operates out of the Chula Vista 3 subdivision of San Luis Río. They are believed to be involved in human smuggling and kidnapping. For more details on Los Wonders’ extensive history in the San Luis Río Colorado area, please see this previous Borderland Beat story.

Luis Manuel Lugo Durón, "Puntillas"

On August 30, 2021 a narcomanta was placed on the US Mexico border wall of San Luis Río Colorado which accused the Municipal Police director of working with Los Wonders, written in a very similar manner as the video message. This may suggest the men seen on video are the same perpetrators behind the narcomanta on the border wall. 

For the full write up on the August 30, 2021 narcomanta that seems to be connected, please see this previous Borderland Beat story.

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