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Monday, August 16, 2021

We’re Already Waiting Around So Why Not

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The advent of social media has turned on its head how we’ve come to view the Mexican underworld. Since it’s inception criminals have become emboldened in their ways and in their rebellion. Gone are the days where their illicit activities were kept a secret. 

Nowadays we’re constantly presented with an endless litany of videos that they release out to the world. For this broadcast we’re shown a convoy of vehicles and armed men positioned on the side of a dirt road at an undisclosed location somewhere in Mexico. 

An assortment of trucks and SUVS are their vehicles of choice. To traverse these terrains where the paved roads cease to exist. 

These are the infamous Mexican comandos, or in layman’s terms an armed criminal cell. This particular gaggle of gangsters felt the need to powder their noses on film as a show of defiance to whoever opposes their way of life. 

Gone are really the days of old. 



  1. Sick nation, sick society, sick people.

  2. Sounds like the writer is heartbroken that the supposed mystery and appeal of being a narco has lessened because so many "behind the scenes" videos are released now.

    "Gone are really the days of old." Oh please.

    Even in said "days of old", narcos were always this idiotic, petty and cruel. Only difference is that now we can more easily see what has always been.

    1. Welllllll i do agree with you HEARST. But i understand to some extent what is meant by the DAYS OF OLD. ummm i think it's looked at in the sense that if there was any code of any kind in the past. Meaning using a bit more brain before making grotesque choices. That's all pretty much gone. Now a phone and a camera give an excuse for people to do unspeakable things. Thats what i think it was seen as. ...I have to admit that i rather the days of old. Than the SHIT that goes on now. I mean my goodness.
      And mexico is not even my country.

      Ohh before i forget. THE OUTMOST RESPECT TO SOL PRENDIDO. My goodness this man is like a printing press.


    2. Before there was not so much hate, now it has been indoctrinated it will never go away, the government forces started it with milicos trained in the US Schools of the Americas

  3. Lmao take it easy man, apparently you woke up in the wrong side of the bed. Basically stating it's not like back then, in the sense of relationships and respect towards the community and among themselves. Just like the American and Italian mobs, yes filled with crime and violence but nonetheless they had this "dark" code. Now it's a free for all and just filled with youngsters that want those views. I say do it for the money fuck the views. The big ones we never hear from or know.

    1. Eh, the way people glamorize and fetishize "the good old days" of narco history is a pet peeve of mine.

      Respectfully, I believe people are naïve to believe there was ever a "code".

      Juan Nepomuceno Guerra strangled his wife to death in the 1950s. Pancho Villa's son gunned down in the 1960s. Neto's son killed in 1983. Guero Palma's wife was killed in 1989.

    2. 12:44 Don Juan shot his wife while trying to kill Adalberto Martinez, Resortes when he found them together in the carpa.
      The Code was it was all about business, nothing personal, as if to not have hard feelings over the killings.
      Now it is all about hate, Hate and more Hate, fed by the wars ON drugs by people that want all the business for themselves while appearing to be all about "Law and Order", BS.

    3. You are completely right that his first wife was shot, not strangled. Sorry, that's my bad.

    4. Not to worry baby, the problem is that Don Juan never killed Resortes for making him a cornutto...

  4. Mexican cartel own mexico 😔

    1. Mexican Cartels is like rats in your household, they don't pay your mortgage or bills, they just scratch a living until the get in the rat trap, mexicans own mexico, cartels are rats.

  5. Somebody give me the name of the artist to that track. I want to put it on repeat. And make the many meanings from their word.

  6. 1:35 when corruption spreads horizontally it gets thinner and thinner, now with so many "DTOs"tdd here is not enough table scraps and left overs for all of them, so they fight and bitch about what little they have left.


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