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Monday, August 16, 2021

Organized Crime Doesn’t Fear Or Respect Any Authority

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Mexico ranks 143rd out of 180 in the ranking of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism.


The threat of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel to journalist Azucena Uresti is truly unacceptable, but it also shows us that in Mexico, criminal organizations far surpass the authorities.

They have no fear or respect for the security institutions of the three levels of government.

With the video of the direct threat to the journalist and some other media, we realized that drug trafficking continues to impose itself, it is a fact that hurts not only the journalistic community, it hits society in general.

But the reality is worse, Mexico is among the worst countries in the world for the practice of journalism, it ranks 143 out of 180 in the ranking of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism according to the international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

During 2020, thirteen journalists were killed in Mexico, Honduras and Colombia, the majority of them were investigating issues related to corruption and organized crime. The RSF indicates that impunity for crimes against journalists continues to fuel the vicious circle of violence in the region.

One of the most recognized journalists for his reports and investigations on issues related to organized crime is undoubtedly Marco Antonio Coronel, during the development of his work he has had to face various high-risk situations.

Last month Colonel, his team and two other journalists (two of them Spanish) visited Aguililla, in the state of Michoacán; on their way they were intercepted by a group of hitmen of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), were detained for at least an hour, took photographs and videos, and forced to delete all material, then communicated it with the head of the plaza in Michoacán, who threatened him.

It was an intimidating situation, of terror, now that group has the data of the colleagues, they took photos of their voter credentials, those of Televisa and the other media.

Luckily they managed to get out alive, but...

How many stories are frequently lived in our country, how many journalists, photographers, cameramen, support teams are victims of these criminal groups?, intimidated, beaten and even killed by criminal groups that, I insist, are demonstrating that they have neither fear nor respect for anything or anyone.

Journalists and the media joined against the threats, businessmen, politicians and academics also raised their voices, it is time to understand that things in security are being done wrong, that the strategy is not correct, that the death toll in Mexico is the worst in history.

A call to federal, state and municipal authorities

Something must be done, they have to stop crime, they have to work in a coordinated way, the figures are not numbers, they are people, they are fathers, mothers, children, siblings, the figures are people.

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  1. If the US could not beat the Taliban on their bicycles and huaraches, in spite of treasury and men and MOAB, Mèxico can forget about beating the cartels, make peace and name the delegates, maybe bring back El Chapo, he used to have law and order for free.

    1. 8:29 you like a Mr.Know it all. You don't know a rats azz, on what has been going on in Iraq and quick to jump the gun, spend a few years in combat with the US Marines, and then I would take your comments more seriously. Being behind the key board all day isanother thing.

    2. 12:35 you obviously got smacked around with the marines,
      GET A MAP and find where Iraq and Afghanistan are, by the way Iraq had no part of 9/11 but they had oil, and some US vultures wanted some of that shit.

    3. @10,21 they say your Mr. Kow it all, well you got the Iraq part wrong. Never about US getting the oil. Google the history or watch PBS, I won't give you the answer, as it defeats the purpose from learning the facts.

  2. They found a pregnant woman whom was tortured before being killed. Fucking mexican cartels have 0 balls. All they do is kill and torture defenseless motherfuckers.

  3. In Mexico the top politicos, generals and commanders control the crime organizations. They serve as their money makers by paying bribes and if they fall out of line the state security forces are sent after them.

    These top dogs in Mexico do not want to defeat the mafia, instead the violence is used to squeeze out the maximum bribes out of them.

    1. 2:19 they also stole the 32 billion dollars the US spent on the war ON drugs in Mèxico over 12 years of FECAL and EPN...


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