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Monday, August 16, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: The Final Chapters Of Governor Javier Corral Jurado

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Perez Cuellar warns that the series of robberies and waste of the still Governor will soon come to light

Javier Corral's black destiny seems to be written.

Javier Corral is awaited by a cell in Cefereso for crimes of endless corruption during his assignment as Governor of the State.

Mayor-elect Cruz Perez Cuelalr forwarded what is coming for the still state president.

"Soon all kinds of misdeeds of this character will come to light that will go into the black pages of history," writes Perez Cuellar on Facebook. 

The mayor of Juarez accompanies his comment with a satire of Corral's scandalous political trajectory, as a big mouth and thief who spent the money of the Chihuahuans on luxuries and waste.

La Polaka


  1. Him and countless others in Mexico and abroad! What I wanna know if Chapos kids still getting their asses handed to them by Caro and Mayo in Sonora!

  2. As long as corruption reigns in Mexico every single governor will be corrupt, because honest candidates will be eliminated by the mafias already before running for governor.

    1. Sir George aka Kathi
      There's no Mafia's, but there is Cartels.
      Mafia's are mainly in Italy.

  3. I’m sorry Mexico. USA politicians have u dominated in every major corruption category. They very rarely ever get caught, they acquire more power and wealth. And of course most important, the USA politician creates more devastation and despair for their fellow countrymen. Meaning their body count is much higher!


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