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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Heroica Nogales, Sonora: Women Intercepted With $30,000 Hidden In Car

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Approximately 30,000 dollars in cash assured elements of the National Guard, after surprising a couple of women who tried to cross them from Nogales, Arizona, through the Customs of Mexico on this border.

According to official information from the federal agency, the confiscation was made at the facilities of Garita 1 Puerta México in coordination with personnel of the General Customs Administration (AGA).

Federal agents arrested two people carrying 30,000 US dollars hidden underneath the carpet of a vehicle, without verifying their legal origin.

The events occurred when a vehicle with Arizona traffic plates and which was manned by two women of U.S. nationality, had a customs check.

When carrying out the inspection of the unit, on the passenger side they detected a lump on the front floor, between the carpet and the frame of the body; there the troops located two plastic bags with bundles of bills that was approximately 30,000 dollars.

Since the legal origin of the money was not verified, both women were read the Booklet of Rights that Assist Persons in Detention, the National Registry of Detentions was filled out and along with the insured currencies were made available to the Attorney General's Office of the Republic in the entity, in order to carry out the corresponding inquiries.

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  1. El salario por uno en overtime al hanio. Apoco es poquieto?!el suedor de frente cuenta doble. Con casa aqui y aya. Vengan a su manera.

  2. I wondered where that bitch with my $30K went? Good riddance

  3. Pendejas, now they will have to do all that table dancing all over again.
    Nobody would check their tires, there is room there to pack a ton of grifa to import into the US, some mophakas even use the spare tire and the gas tank, but the oil pipes coming and going between Mèxico and the US unchecked is the best form of Huachicol, sheet, even coal trains find their way from Cuagüilas to Califas with tons of Cocaine under the coal, of course, that was when zedillo had to make his quota to buy more train shares when he privatized and sold Ferronales...even foreign investors had to buy their shares the old way, importing cocaine and mariguana into the US while nobody watched by mutual accords...


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