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Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Narco Traffickers Of Tomorrow Are Being Groomed Today

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new video from the Mexican underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast another child in the presence of snickering adults demonstrates for everyone the common staples within a drug trafficking organization. 

An assortment of radios needed for constant communication between all parties involved. Along with 2 cocked and locked handguns on his waistband. These firearms are in the ready position just waiting to be fired should the need arise.

This film is yet another in a series of publications where adolescents as young as this child, sometimes even younger, are being brainwashed and employed in the world of narco traffickers.

Video translation is as follows:

Child: We are the fucking absolute mob of El Mayo Zambada. 



  1. Soon to be another stain on a mexican street. Great job. Mob is to big a word to use when describing the disorganized criminals in mexico. Theres only 2 cartels left in mexico and with motherfuckers with no schooling trying to groom little kids to replace them there will be 0 cartels in mexico soon just a 1000 criminal gangs with high power weaponry fucking up their local turfs and there will be gang wars in every corner or the country.

  2. The end of the world as we know it . . It's the end and sad

  3. This the fault of U.S. gun manufacturers???????????

  4. Arriba La Mayiza!!!
    Y la Chapiza, y El Güero Palmas y los amigos de los amigos
    Fierro y Palos pa los envidiosos

  5. Wait until until he accidentally fires a shot to his leg and becomes a criple on a wheelchair, and see if the father will be laughing.

  6. I also wonder, how many hundreds of college kids are headed to law school on The Elements dime. Lawers, future judges, forever bound to the cartels in indentured servitude for lack of current funds to attend school on their own. IT/ internet security students as well. Really, the list is endless of people's whose education is funded by those who are going to exploit them. Willingly or not.

  7. 2:04 a burro can't go anywhere, but an educated person can go everywhere.
    If they get exploited or not is none of your motherfacking business, educated people can go on somewhere else and land on their feet

  8. Lol...204, it was just an observation. None of this is " any of our fucking business"...all for education no matter how one achieves it. Relax, take a breath, it's going to be ok. I am not your enemy


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