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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Ajacuba, Hidalgo: 5 Vehicles Carrying Stolen Pemex Fuel Seized

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In the early morning of Tuesday, August 10, in a coordinated operation with the State Police, Pemex Security and SEDENA, they seized five vehicles loaded with fuel containers apparently that were stolen from the Pemex pipelines.

It happened that the vehicles were hidden among the cornfields in order to circumvent the uniformed personnel. However, organized work from the authorities yielded results and they were able to place the vehicles out of commission. 

It should be noted that all the units had a stolen vehicle report. They were next to a clandestine fuel duct of a pipeline owned by Pemex. The tank containers were already filled.

In addition, there was a hose that connected to the pipeline, which was used by people to subtract the fuel.

Until the close of this edition there were no people detained; only the units were seized and taken to the vehicle storage area while waiting for their owners to come and request them, after the corresponding legal process. 

Nueva Imagen de Hidalgo


  1. Bummer no suspects caught, they will soon steal more trucks again. Crime never stops.

  2. 3:23 well, the owners are the ones stealing their own vehicles as if they were chicles, the cuicos trying to look good thing they can fool their pendejos, orders of miguel angel osorio chón one more zeta governor


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