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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Coalcomán Is Experiencing The Same Thing As Aguililla; Roads Are Destroyed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Coalcomán is just like Aguililla; it already has road ruptures, reported the parish priest of Coalcomán Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez

After the parish priest of Coalcomán, Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez, was notified on social networks about the situation they face, the parish priest of Aguililla, Gilberto Vergara, pointed out that this action is already beginning to be replicated in other areas of the entity.

The father indicated that as in Aguililla, the aforementioned area is in the same situation as his after mentioning the destruction of roads, lack of internet, among other conflicts, which have caused the inhabitants to leave their homes, in search of safety.

He also indicated that unfortunately, this situation in the coming weeks could be extended to other nearby parts, among which Tepalcatepec and Buenavista stood out. They have also been indirectly affected by the war between criminal groups that live in the area.

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  1. Blame it on AMLO, not the cartels... waaay too many cartel cheerleaders to find them guilty of any wrong doing. AMLO haters are a dime a dozen tho.

    1. The enforcement of laws & protection of its citizens rely on the president of Mexico. Does it not?

    2. Yes and No. It relies first and foremost on the police chief of whatever city it is we're talking about, then it would be the mayor, the governor and then the president.

    3. 4:48 Yes it does, but his priorities are on other matters.
      He cares a rats azz about his citizens, in which many are killed yearly. Bribes is what he loves the most. The Army relax at the new barracks, in which they watch TV all day.

    4. Chiflando Aurioles the governor seems to have escaped alive, he has been trying to get money from michukanuses in chicago that don't give a rat's ass about his ass...
      AMLO administration paid to the state their share of the budget for Public Security, where is the money???


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