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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

They Arrest The Nephew Of "CH", Former Hitman Of The Arellano Félix Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With an assault rifle plated in gold, Joshua Guillermo Bogarin Barrón, 29, nephew of David Barrón Corona, former hitman of the Arellano Félix Cartel, alleged generator of violence in Playas de Tijuana, was arrested on Tuesday, August 10 in the Laderas del Mar neighborhood.

Information obtained by ZETA, refers to the fact that elements of the State Security and Investigation Guard were carrying out an investigation when Bogarin Barrón, aboard a BMW 3 Series vehicle, tried to flee from the authorities, initiating a persecution that culminated in Baja Mar Street.

At the time of arrest, the subject was assured of a .223 caliber assault rifle, coated in gold plate, a .40 caliber Glock, 46 bullets, 1 double drum magazine with capacity for 100 rounds, and a BMW Series 3 vehicle.

Data released in the Security Roundtable indicate that the detainee is allegedly one of the main generators of violence in the Playas area of Tijuana, having under his command several criminal cells, which carried out drug trafficking in the modality known as "blind mules", human trafficking and firearms.

Bogarin Barrón, was born on September 13, 1991 and is originally from San Diego, California and among his antecedents in Mexico, dated between 2010 and 2011, stand out the crimes of damage to other people's property, an arrest by the Tijuana Municipal Police for causing disturbances on public roads and performing acts that induce vice.

It should be noted that Joshua Guillermo is the nephew of David Barrón Corona, alias "Popeye" and / or "CH", who was the leader of the gang members of the Logan Neighborhood who served as hitmen for the Arellano Félix brothers, and who died in 1997, as a result of a crossfire in the attack on journalist Jesús Blancornelas, director of the Weekly ZETA.

Joshua Guillermo Bogarin Barrón will be placed at the disposal of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic.

Zeta Tijuana


  1. So many gold plated weapons and car and family ties to end up screwed up, blowing the horn, and arrested...
    Eso se sacan por andar ahi de calientes haciendole al horny ass.

  2. Pura mierda escriben los periodicos, porque no hablan de la mafia mas grande que es el gobierno y la policia, al final la verdad sale


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