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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

6 Tropa del Infierno Hitmen Killed in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Left, damage from August 13, 2021 shooting. Right, image from previous Cártel del Noreste video. 

The Northeast Cartel’s (Cártel del Noreste, CDN) armed wing called Tropa del Infierno was allegedly involved in a shootout with Army (SEDENA) soldiers in which six of their hitmen died on August 13, 2021. 

At approximately 11:30 pm in the Nueva Era neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, at least six presumed Tropa del Infierno hitmen were seen traveling in a vehicle convoy.

The convoy reportedly encountered Army (SEDENA) soldiers who were already carrying out a criminal deterrent operation in the neighborhood. The CDN Tropa convoy then attacked the officers. According to information from social media, this gunfight took place on the Nuevo Laredo Airport Highway and was allegedly heard on video, see below. 

Video Source: La Voz Del Pueblo Tweet

Publications differ on the nature of the attack. Infobae alleges the CDN intentionally ambushed the soldiers. Whereas Excelsior reports that the hitmen were in the middle of attacking officers when they were caught mid attack by the SEDENA men.  Liberal Metropolitan asserts the CDN only attacked because they noticed the SEDENA men in the area. Nevertheless, the SEDENA soldiers repelled the CDN attack, returned gunfire.

Hoy Tamaulipas writes that the confrontation spread out to Colonia La Joya, Carretera Anahuac and Carretera Aeropuerto. Other articles detail there were car chases following the attack in the Viveros and Zaragoza neighborhoods. 

Some hitmen fled and were able to evade capture during the shootout. Initial reports alleged 11 hitmen had been found dead following the shooting however Excelsior spoke to federal sources who report only 6 hitmen died in the incident. The men were found to be wearing clothing designed to mimic military uniforms. 

Social media account La Voz del Pueblo listed out the items allegedly seized as:

2 Barrett 50 caliber firearms

11 long barrel firearms

3 short barrel firearms

1 axe

2 construction shovels

1 wooden paddle

Ponchallatas (metal tire puncture devices similar to caltrops)

1 black pick up vehicle (while Excelsior reports this as a white Ford F350 pickup)

The vehicle seized which shows visible bullet holes. Photo Credit: La Voz del Pueblo

Despite the number of casualties which news articles have claimed occurred, there has been no official statement from Tamaulipas authorities on the number of hitmen killed in the incident. However Excelsior reports that federal sources they contacted confirmed the incident had occurred.

This incident follows the August 9, 2021, event in which the military killed eight Tropa del Infierno gunmen who were in the service of Fernando de Jesús Rodríguez Adame, alias “El Werko”. El Werko was reportedly detained in this August 9 incident.

Sources: Excelsior, Hoy Tamaulipas, Frontera al Rojo Vivo, La Opinión, Infobae

Photo Credit: La Voz del Pueblo 

Video Source: La Voz Del Pueblo Tweet

Update 8/17/2021 7:00 PM CST: First photo changed to show CDN hitmen. 


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