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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Caborca, Sonora: Young Man, With a Bullet in the Head, Is Alive Because He Played "Dead"

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The young man played dead and was abandoned at the scene along with five victims in Caborca, Sonora

In his first statements, the only survivor among the bodies left abandoned this morning near Caborca, he declared that he is still alive because he played dead.

Aided by elements of the Ministry of National Defense, the young man presented a gunshot wound to the head and several fractured ribs, but he remained alive without moving until they were abandoned by his captors in the early hours of this Wednesday .

At the crime scene, 5 more bodies were located, who also had gunshot wounds that ended their lives. But thanks to the fact that the victim remained inert, he pretended to be dead.

The surviving victim related that days ago they were captured on the Puerto Peñasco side. After several hours of being tortured, their captors decided to execute them all. And abandon them this morning at the crime scene where they were found by the authorities.

Source: Radar Sonora


  1. Curious to know if any of of these victims are innocent people?

    1. Good thing one if them was found alive. I'm sure he can shed some light as to why they were taken in Puerto peñasco

  2. 7:08 que no leyites they were tortured before being shot?
    People under torture will sing and incriminate themselves and their own mothers, sometimes all it takes is getting shown the palm of the hand and voilá, they have to get slapped on the anout to make them shut the fackap.
    They sing about all their crimes and plead guilty just to please their interrogators.

  3. Storm cartel troopers will abduct him from his hospital bed and chop up bodies will fill the street soon. That's how it goes.

  4. They also found a guy chopped up in pieces alive, he played dead.

  5. Even Puerto Penasco is not safe any more!!

  6. Pinche milagro. Hope he finds God after this.


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