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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: 4 Alleged Sicarios Captured After a Homicide

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Four alleged hitmen were detained by elements of the Tijuana Municipal Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection, following a persecution and shooting after the murder of a man in the Miramar neighborhood.

The events occurred on the evening of this Wednesday, April 7, when the emergency center was informed about a person injured by gunshots on the main avenue in the aforementioned neighborhood.

After the crime, four alleged criminals fled in a red truck, after being intercepted by police elements, they crashed their vehicle against a fixed object, and then continued their escape on foot.

Upon fleeing, the subjects shot at the police elements when they were traveling on Lucha Reyes street, while in pursuit they tried to carjack a citizen of his vehicle, however, they were captured; one of the criminals was injured by gunfire.

A firearm was seized from the subjects. Notably, none of the officers were injured. The detainees were turned over to the competent authorities.

Police officers at the scene; investigators can be seen in the back

Officers discuss the crime scene details

Source: Zeta Tijuana


  1. Ndrangheta will eats mexican cartels alive easily!

    1. Italians got ran out of LA by the Mexican-American gangs, I’m sure the Italian ndrangheta ain’t got shit on the cartels

    2. Only people that can compete is isis

  2. Dr. Sol tell me, will they be let out the back door, when a bug bribe is paid?

    1. I think it’s safe to say that in Tijuana it’s always been “pay to play”. Those narcotics don’t get into San Ysidro on their own.

  3. The detainees were turned over to the competent authorities.
    Reading this makes me smile.
    They should be honest and say „to the incompetent authorities“.

  4. They don’t stand a chance
    Gente de SPEEDY MARES♨️♨️♨️
    A la orden del Flaco 1000% CAF

    🎶🎶Y aquí la plaza ya tiene patrón
    Puro Arellano con los hermanos
    Hasta la muerte voy con mi convoy🎶🎶

  5. Can it be the Cjng ops that were on the prowl claiming they own Tijuana

  6. CAF is now DECAF hahahahahaha!


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