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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Authorities Capture 25 People Linked To Recent Police Massacre

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Note: The read the original story about the police massacre, please click this hyperlink.

These three suspects are believed to have masterminded the attack. 25 people working for them were arrested this week for providing sicarios with information about police activity that ultimately led to the ambush,

The State of Mexico Attorney General's Office confirmed that they arrested 25 people who may be involved in the recent massacre that left 17 police officers dead in Coatepec de Harinas and Alquisiras municipalities last week.

The investigation determined that these 25 people were working as halcones (cartel scouts) for La Familia Michoacana (LFM) and notified their superiors that the police was planning to set up a checkpoing near Los Sabinos Bridge.

Cartel gunmen then ambushed the police, killing 13 of them in Coatepec de Harinas and 4 more in Alquisiras.

Over 672 bullet cassing were recovered from the first scene. At least one of the firearms used in the attack was linked to two other homicides carried out in the area last year.

Authorities say that they have eight witnesses who have helped them in the investigation. They are still searching for three main suspects who reportedly masterminded the attack:

  • Alberto Romero Prrez, alias 'Macrina'
  • Silverio Martinez Hernandez, alias 'Fierros'
  • Gilberto Misael Ortiz Trujillo, alias 'Barbas'

State authorities are offering up to MXN$500,000 (US$24,000) to anyone that provides valuable information that leads to their capture. The payment will only be done when all three suspects are arrested.

Sources: Milenio; Excelsior; Animal Politico


  1. Good coordinating skills. They got them lacking. I'm assuming they will kill those 3 . They're torturing the fuck out those 25 cap2tured ūüėÖ

  2. And now the gob of Michoac√°n is forced to do something against LFM? Seems that the jaliscas played well.

  3. It’s funny how quick they capture criminals when the pressure is on them. If the Mexican government really wanted to, they could squash and end every cartel in about 18-24 months.

  4. So they could’ve arrested them before is what I’m getting out of this

  5. CDS and CJNG are the most powerful criminal syndicates in the world! No one group around the globe have the balls to do shit like that!

    1. that's not a good thing. it makes Mexico unsafe and miserable for the average citizen living there. the Mexican government has to crack down on the cartels, with assistance from the US government.

    2. Forget the U.S Gov't. The US Military with Mexico's endorsement could wipe ALL of these assholes out in 24hrs without even setting a boot on the ground. Sure there will be collateral damage but it won't kill 31k people like the cartels did last year.

    3. Would like to know what happens when the first US soldiers were sold by Mx gov and get beheaded and videotaped.
      You can send sof to catch Mx politicians and send them after EIT applied to the nice building called ADX.

    4. 10:53 am,the us military has all cartels targeted 24/7 in real time since years as go..if Mexico sold us ,soldiers, the storm would happen Mexico invaded.

  6. They say 8 agents from the Estado de Mexico secretary of Public Security and 5 from the SAME STATE' state's attorney, 13, before adding more casualties, their governor alfredo del mazo maza is IN CHARGE, not AMLO, the president is notnin charge of state crimes or guilty of sending the state officers to shake down cartel menbets or criminals, commenter andnfamous CISEN scholarship recipient alejandro Hope, a former BB contributor who did not make it here has been commenting BS on other sources...LOL

  7. 3rd from left. Gotta be only guy in MX sportin a Patrick Mahomes hairdo no?? Haaa

  8. Yeah yeah. Let's see how many of these dirt bags even see the inside of a court.


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