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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Elota, Sinaloa: Mucho Mota Up in Smoke

"Yaqui" for Borderland Beat

Military and police locate a marijuana plantation in Elota, Sinaloa.

Elements of the State Preventive Police and the Secretariat of National Defense located a marijuana plantation in the municipality of Elota, last Wednesday, March 17.

During a joint operation, the military and state agents found traces that indicated the presence of a camp in the surroundings, where around 15 people were spending the night.

After finding the camp, the agents made a walking tour and found a cultivation area of ​​approximately 5,000 square meters in which there were marijuana plants, which were more than one meter tall and were mixed with a corn plantation.

The authorities secured the land and police agents were deployed to the camp to verify if those responsible for the planting were nearby.

"According to official information'', it is estimated that there were more than 50,000 marijuana plants at the site, which were destroyed.

Screened drying racks for trimming bud, Note the dried weed on the ground to the left.

The authorities continued with the operations in the area to detect if there were more indications of other plantations or of those responsible for them.

Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Head of the Ministry of National Defense,  reported to President Lopez Obrador - AMLO- that 97 hectares of marijuana and 1,295 hectares of poppy fields had been eradicated in the Municipio of Elota, State of Sinaloa between March 17 and March 20, 2021.

Sedena added that they have a "Special Task Force" in Badriguato, Sinaloa for such operations and another in the State of Guerrero. 

Sources: Debate / ElSoldeMazatlan


  1. I don't think we ever gone see the SINALOA EMPIRE collapsed or dethrone for the next 1000 years it's just insane how Sinaloa man have presences in 70% in the world

    1. kings of illicit drugs

    2. The funkin' melitary planted that crap for show and tell...
      Thankiu, Next

    3. Wait till MENCHO gets in there
      WHY you think MAYO is so desperate to STOP MENCHO in ZACATECAS and north nayarit? He feels MENCHO getting closer and CLOSER to SINALOA.. Cjng are in the limits of DURANGO.. CDS are pulling THEIR hair at CJNG advancement NORTH

    4. Can you please confirm that Sinaloa will be anything in the next 100 years? A state, culture, cartel, anything? Do you know if Sinaloa man and Florida man know one another? They both seem to like being in the spotlight. Perhaps they're related.

  2. Animo Sicarios!
    Puro La Tuna Badriguato Sinaloa Y El Alamo. Placas del Tomatito en las Trokas aqui es tierra de Jefes .

    "more than 50,000 marijuana plants at the site, which were destroyed." QEPD!

  3. What a terrible waste.


  4. What a waste.


  5. nobody wants that fuckin garbage here


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