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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Ex-Convict Killed Outside of a Supermarket in Nuevo León Was a Major Local Zetas Drug Dealer

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The drug dealer was killed while he was parked outside of the supermarket in northern Monterrey

When he was parked in his truck outside a supermarket, a man was attacked by gunmen and died minutes later at a nearby hospital in Monterrey, Nuevo León. The deceased as Alberto Ernesto Lazarin Balderas, 30, who had at least six gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.

According to witnesses, a lone gunman surprised the victim when he was inside his truck and shot him several times. The assassin then got into another car where an accomplice was waiting for him. They escaped from the scene and are currently at large. 

Members of the Nuevo Leon Civil Force arrived at the scene of the attack and immediately cordoned the area. Investigators say that the gunman used a .40 caliber firearm to kill Lazarin. Although an official motive has not been established, investigators say that the evidence points to a drug-related murder since Lazarin was a drug dealer in northern Monterrey

Background and profile 

Lazarin was a renowned drug dealer and ex-convict in Monterrey. In 2010, he was arrested with two other individuals and charged with drug distribution and for driving a stolen vehicle. At that time, Lazarin was only 20 years old; the two other suspects, Diego Armando and Jose Fabian, were 16 and 17, respectively.

Although authorities did not say which cartel they belonged to, the two cartels in the area at that time were the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. Lazarin was released shortly thereafter and resumed his organized crime activities.

Prison records show that Lazarin was imprisoned at the Topo Chico penitentiary in 2017, and that he participated in a large inmate protest in June. The protests began after rumors circulated inside the prison that Gulf Cartel members in Reynosa were planning to take control of Topo Chico. Lazarin was reportedly a member of a Zetas cell. The leader of the Zetas at Topo Chico was Julio Cesar Pardo Leyva ('La Yuli' and/or 'La July').

Inmates burned multiple beds and injured one prisoner, Miguel Angel Picon Moreno. To dissolve the growing tensions inside Topo Chico, Lazarin and 38 other high-profile criminals were transferred to other prisons in Mexico. Lazarin was sent to maximum-security prison in Guanajuato but was eventually released and returned to Monterrey. 

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  1. Active since 2010? That guy had been around the block, especially in what was the hottest year in the CDG / Zs war.

    1. Some of the ZVE have been active for a long time. Santiago Villarreal Garcia, a top boss of ZVE in Nuevo León, was arrested with a bodyguard in Salinas Victoria back in 2009. Some of the high ranking ZVE members like Villarreal Garcia are now almost 60 years old.

  2. Sounds like Lazarin Balderas was a lieutenant to “Yuli/July”. There was a war for control of the Nuevo León prisons between ZVE and CDN in 2017-2018. ZVE controlled Topo Chico (where “Yuli/July” was in charge) and Apodaca (ran by Moises “Moy/Moyela” Vázquez Sosa), with both reporting to Mario “Cmdte Pelon/Pelon de Apodaca” Salazar Cortez and Santiago Villarreal Garcia. Cmdte Pelon was out of prison and blamed for the murder of three Nuevo León prison employees in 2017. This was around the same time that ZVE sicario “Huesos” was dismembered and displayed in Apodaca by CDN. The war for the NL prisons seems to have died out after 2018; wonder if the state government stepped in and told ZVE and CDN to cool everything down.

  3. Who are the ZVE and CDN leaders in MTY now? For CDG was it Rafita 82 until he was killed last year ?

    1. CDG Metros, no idea. Probably some of the commanders in the Reynosa or Frontera Chica faction. But don’t take my word for it.

      For CDG Ciclones it’s probably someone working for Carlos “Cuate” Martinez, yerno of Osiel Cardenas. He has a lot of launderers there with ties to Matamoros.

  4. El Tory was the last relevant CDN leader in MTY that I can recall. It's all Billys and CDG/ZVE now from what I've been reading. By the way whatever happened to the original "Billy" Juan Francisco Zapata Gallegos? BB posted on his arrest way back in the day.

    1. Do you know what the CDG / ZVE / CDN relationship is with the local BLO cell in the area? El Gato is the BLO plaza boss there and I remember Chapo Isidro used to frequent San Pedro.

      Also. By CDG, I assume you mean both factions (Metros and Ciclones)? MTY is such a big city and I think both factions are getting a piece of the pie. Rafita 82 was a former Tampico (allies to Matamoros) faction after all. We all know Metros is there given La Frontera Chica is very close.


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