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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Three Police Officers and One Bystander Killed in Cartel Ambush in Nuevo Casas Grande, Chihuahua

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The police officers were attacked while driving in this white pick-up truck. All of the perpetrators are at large.

Members of the municipal police force in Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, were ambushed by at least eight cartel hitmen in the heart of city's downtown. At least four police officers were killed in the attack. Investigators say the intended target of the attack was Julio Cesar Ramirez Valdez, the local police chief. He survived the attack with minor injuries.

The attack was carried out at around 10:00 a.m. after the police officers left a restaurant located between Benito Juarez and Del Prado streets in downtown Nuevo Casas Grandes. The officers killed were Pedro Perez Rascon, Maria Muro Montoya, and Juan Lagunas Rojo. The civilian killed was Larisa Beltran; she was caught in the crossfire while leaving a nearby gym.

One of the agents who died in the shooting was found dead on the pavement, while the others were hit between the corridors of the nearby establishments when they tried to take refuge in them to save their lives.

"What we know is that our comrades and their boss were surprised by several armed assailants when they were leaving for breakfast break. When the shooting began, they all started running and the gunmen chase them down. The shootout lasted around 10 minutes," state attorney general César Peniche confirmed to the press.


The police chief in question was once arrested for murder. In 2010, he was imprisoned for his suspected involvement in the killing of Mario Angel Gonzalez Rodriguez, the brother of former state attorney general Patricia Gonzalez.

Mario Angel was interrogated by members of Gente Nueva in two videos that were released on the web. He was then beaten to death with baseball bats while being shocked with electric cords. The assassins recorded the murder and shared the video online.

WARNING - Graphic Torture Video Below

Mario Angel Gonzalez Rodriguez was shocked with electric cords and then beaten to death with baseball bats.

However, investigators said that the evidences against police chief Ramirez were insufficient and he was released months later.

Nuevo Casas Grandes is reportedly under the control of La Linea, once the armed wing of the old Juarez Cartel. La Linea is now a much larger criminal network and directly hires local gang members as "contract enforcers".

From October 2016 to January 2021, over 160 police officers have been killed in the state of Chihuahua. Figures from the attorney general's office indicate that around 90% of these murders are unsolved.

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  1. Can someone Describe the video I’m one of the few that can’t watch this kind of stuff


    1. The beat the shit out of the guy with baseball bats. It’s probably the worst torture video out there. They purposely beat him below his head so he doesn’t die and suffers. Don’t watch it.

    2. @4:46 there's way worse torture videos out there

  2. Killing the last remnants of Gente nueva in the region

    1. @2:45 Since you're from that region, maybe my memory is non existant now, but I recall that GN or Los M's were suspected of his torture and bludgeoning to death. Now it's being attributed to La _____ according to this article?

    2. No the article clearly states how the events transpired. You can easily connect the dots.

    3. @6:51 - You are correct and this was my mistake. GN killed Gonzalez, not La Linea. I added La Linea by mistake because the most recent source said NCG was under La Linea's control. This has been fixed, thanks again.

  3. As brutal as it may be, beating someone with baseball bats is extremely tame compared to what the cartels would do in later years. This was at the time that they were still extremely violent, but it was a 'humane' type of violence compared to the ghoulishness and pure evil of what would eventually come.

    1. There’s nothing humane about that. And they had already started cutting the face off of their enemies.

  4. The corrido is of el chapo it was gente nueva


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