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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Body of Missing LA, Ca Fire Fighter Found Burned near Tijuana, Baja Ca, Mexico

Yaqui for Borderland Beat

LAFD firefighter and paramedic Francisco Aguilar, who went missing in August 2020 in Baja, CA

Thanks to the Commenter for the lead on this story.

Published by the LA Times as well as many other sources both US and Mexican in November. 

Francisco Aguilar, the 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department who went missing in Mexico in August, was killed in Rosarito by kidnappers, Mexican authorities said Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities in Baja California said two people have been arrested in connection with his death, a couple they identified only as Fanny and Santos.

According to the Fiscalia General del Estado de Baja California, Aguilar met with the woman, Fanny, on Aug. 20 for a sexual encounter in Rosarito. She identified herself to him as "Monserrat". Instead, she and Santos attempted to kidnap him, officials said.

“Things didn’t turn out like they thought they would,” Hiram Sanchez Zamora, an official with the Fiscalia General del Estado de Baja California, said during a Wednesday media briefing in Mexico.

The couple are accused of killing Aguilar and taking his body to Boulevard 2000 in Tijuana, a highway that connects Tijuana and Rosarito, where they burned the body, he said. Officials found the burned body on Oct. 23 and Aguilar’s family was notified of his death on Wednesday. He had been missing 2 months.

“This is a tragic outcome to a case we were hoping would end differently,” said Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas in an emailed statement. “On behalf of the men and women of the LAFD, we send our deepest condolences to Firefighter Aguilar’s family and we stand ready to assist them in the days to come.”

The LAFD and the FBI, which had been assisting Mexican authorities in the search for Aguilar, both referred questions to Mexican authorities.

The Los Angeles Fire Department "was notified this afternoon that authorities in Mexico determined" that the remains were those of Francisco "Frank" Aguilar, the agency said in a statement.

Aguilar, 48, was last seen on Aug. 20 at his condominium near Rosarito, a popular coastal destination in Baja California. He was believed to have been the victim of a violent kidnapping.

A couple, identified only as 32-year-old Fanny N. and 27-year-old Santos N., were arrested last month in possession of bank cards with Aguilar's name on them, authorities said. The cards had been used at different businesses in Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana after his disappearance, investigators said.

The FBI said "Fanny N." allegedly lured Aguilar into meeting her for a date. Instead, Santos N. helped to kidnap him.

Authorities say blood stains matching Aguilar were found at the scene and witnesses in the area reported hearing gunshots.

During the November Press conference given by the FGE the prosecutor mentioned that "Fanny" was married and her husband is an ex employee of the old PGJ who was dismissed when it was discovered that he also was involved with Fanny who already had several cases of investigations related to vehicle fraud.

"It's heartless. They took a family member, a father, a fireman and just used his stuff like normal. It's disgusting," said Aguilar's daughter . His home was found ransacked and his Jeep and other possessions are missing.

According to family members, Aguilar visited the area frequently and had been in contact with them through WhatsApp and FaceTime. But he suddenly stopped communicating with them, the family told KCAL-TV, Channel 9. When relatives went to his condo, they found his vehicle gone and his home ransacked.

“We were on FaceTime the other day, and he was on the beach and just talking ... about how it was so much fun and this was a little taste of what retirement would be like for him,” his daughter  told the station in August. “I just pray with every fiber in my being that my father returns to us.”

Source: LA Times/

Source: AFN TJ


  1. He rolled the dice for a good time. Easy prey for vultures looking to capitalize on his weakness. Should have just stuck to a club where there are too many witnesses.

    1. Even in many of these clubs where there might be “working” ladies.. sometimes they rent rooms not far from the club/ adjacent to it/down the road. So even then you would probably still be brought to a room or not many people except yourself and the women/ anyone else. If your looking for such services. From what i’ve read about the working girls in some of the clubs in Tijuana

  2. Reading the article it seems like it may have been a robbery gone wrong. These thugs tried to steal from him, and the firefighter probably tried to defend himself and got killed in the process.

    Something similar happened to my uncle too. Driving from MTY to Reynosa he was stopped at gunpoint. Cartel kiddos wanted his truck. He tried to talk his way out. They took him and was never seen again. This was in front of his wife and daughter.

    RIP to this firefighter and to all those innocent people who have died in the hands of cartels.

  3. Any middle aged guy who thinks a young woman is interested in his personality needs to get a clue.

    Hasta luego,

    1. Chingos of gold diggers out there. You’d be surprised how many young girls are into older men for that reason. It wasn’t naive of him to think otherwise, assuming the story provided by authorities is true.

    2. Precisely my point.....interest in one's cartera is not interest in one's personality. I've had buddies buying diapers for their younger "novias" within days of meeting them. Is that a young girl interested in an older man's personality? No chinguez.

      Hasta luego,

  4. You better packing if your out there it’s Mexico and Like the homie they just like vultures


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