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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mexican Military Detains 4 Burros Transporting 400 Kilos of Marijuana

Yaqui for Borderland Beat 

                             Old School Transportation Technique Minus Humans

San Quintín Baja Ca Jan 28, 2021:

Four donkeys were intercepted by elements of the Mexican Army after they were found carrying 400 kilograms of marijuana on their backs, which were confiscated and made available to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in Ensenada.

The animals were found in the vicinity of the "Arroyo Fusiques" in the El Rosario Delegation, where the military from the 67th Infantry Battalion carried out a surveillance tour, as well as reconnaissance of the area, since it has been detected as a transit area of suspected criminals.

Each burro carried 46 packages of marijuana made with cinnamon-colored adhesive tape on its back, giving a total weight of 400 kilos and with an approximate market value of 649,920 Mexican Pesos. The bricks were wrapped in the usual canela tape. The beasts of burden appeared to be abandoned with their cargo.

Both the animals and the drug were made available to the FGR, where the case is already being investigated in order to determine its origin and find those responsible; authorities viewed this seizure as a significant blow to the organized crime economy.

It is in my humble opinion that although we can only see three animals in this photo , they are Mules not burros.

Source: AFN/TJ


  1. I'm so happy y'all are back! It's been a minute.

  2. Throwing the military a bone

  3. Los Burros Cartel Nueva Generación


  4. Purs Gente Nuevo Tier 1 special force operators

  5. Putting in work, old school style

  6. Old way to transport alcohol during Probation

  7. probation sure doesn't work on drugs, seem the U.S. Americans like them. Legalize it

  8. I was pretty sure that I knew where this happened. I got out my maps and NAILED IT.
    Very near a "Revision Militar" checkpoint on #1 North of El Rosario, BC.

  9. I missed the comments as much as the news...

  10. Can't wait for "El corridor de la mula valiente."

  11. Can't wait for "El corridor de la mula valiente."


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