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Sunday, October 11, 2020

New photos link “El Moco” with Barbosa officials and operators

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Proceso

Not pointed out is Barbosa on far left

Juan Lira, alias "El Moco", allegedly the huachicolero leader of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, not only appears in photographs of the campaign for the governorship of Miguel Barbosa Huerta, he was also captured in meetings with state government officials and political operators of the president.

In photographs published on the Facebook page Despierta Chignahuapan, the alleged criminal, arrested on September 30, appears at a meeting with Alejandro Márquez Martínez, who during the 2019 campaign for the governorship, served as coordinator of the electoral structure and promoter of the Barbosa Huerta campaign in Zacatlán.


Barbosa got himself into another controversy by claiming the poor are immune to Covid-19 .

A Control Judge sent Juan Lira to the Tepexi de Rodríguez Prison, he was arrested on the 4th of this month. He was charged the crimes of attempted homicide, drug dealing, concealment and possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army.


  1. No SURPRISE here, those MEXICAN governors ALL sell the PLAZAS to CARTELS, kidnapping gangs and GAS thieves..

  2. Of course, evil Barbosa has not been accused of pederastia and corruption like former governors mario marin, rafael moreni valle, his wife erika alonso or galli fayad, if only because he is just getting started, but this time around the president is promising not to cover up for anybody's shit, everybody will have to save their ass on their own if they can.


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