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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sonora: Audio and translation of El Durango, Gente Nueva, Altar plaza chief

 Sol Prendido Borderland Beat  TY Gus

AUDIO of  José Bibiano Cabrera Cabrera, alias “El Durango".

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: How are all the gunmen doing, how are you all doing?

Sicario #2: We’re all here making progress boss.

Sicario #1: How are things looking there, how’s the morale with the troops?

Sicario #2: Everyone is doing good here, everyone is doing good here. We’re going to move forward across this hill in front of us. Just as well across the following 2 to come.

Sicario #1: That’s good to hear, that’s good to hear! These motherfuckers wanted war. So, let’s bring the heat into Caborca (Heroica Caborca, Sonora) and Pitiquito (Pitiquito, Sonora). There will now be fucking war.

Sicario #2: That’s great! I’m moving forward towards you now.

Sicario #3: If you guys need AK- 47 fire support or long range rifle support let us know. I can also send you guys some men up there to help out.

Sicario # 2: Well, go ahead and send them toward us because we’re going to need them up here.

Sicario #1: Roger that, Roger that! I want to send a shout out to Cara de Cochi. He can suck our dicks! Just as well so can everyone else that’s there with him.

Sicario #2: Ok, then we’re going to be waiting for you guys here as you’re coming up this hill. This way you’re not just driving around endlessly.

Sicario #4: Copy that, copy that.

Sicario #1: Roger that, Roger that sir.

Sicario #4: (Inaudible).

Sicario #1: How’s the fighting coming along? Is the gunfire still happening?

Sicario #2: I’m chasing them down as we speak. I’m going after them. I’m nearing Pitiquito.

Sicario #1: Hell fuck yeah! That’s what I want to fucking hear. I just drove up into this gas station. And I don’t see that coward anywhere around here. I just ventured into this faggots area of operations and there’s nothing here to be seen.

Sicario 4: Have a look around with their patrols to see if anything can be seen there.

Sicario #5: Hey, what all are we going to do, where are the patrol units?

Sicario #6: We’re coming up on area 83. Once I see you I’ll activate what’s necessary.

Sicario #3: There’s 4 military trucks here heading towards area 83 sir.

Sicario #1: Ok then. Let’s head out. Let’s go!


  1. Im sorry but it looks like rafa caro is wasting his time with caborca. He may have ncdj backing him up but they could do so much sinxe they got their own war going on. Gente nueva have soo much support from sinaloa agua prieta and durango

    1. RCQ has the most important ally in Sonora, the Marina and local police.

  2. Dudes are running around cara de cochis territory trying to hunt him down, I don't see a great outlook for them, they're going to get ambushed, like reminiscent of Tubatama.

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  5. There accent is super attractive dios mio que lindo accento is perfect
    Alias colombiana

    1. They sound like raspy voiced Salvadorians

  6. This is the tier 1 training sicario 006 been talking about 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Is that you Sicario 006? I really thought you were not real a figment of our imagination.

  8. Guys I didnt understand anything.
    Is gente nueva linked to El mayo?
    And is El Mayo fighting the Caborca cartel?

    1. GN is chapo Guzman’s people NOT mayos. They now work with Ivan.. caborca cartel is RCQ not mayo and no he’s not fighting either one.

  9. Animo Sicarios !

    El Señor gave the green light. Gente Nueva Special Forces Tier 1 Operators will be on a "search and destroy mission in Sonora.All the terrorist will be eliminated.
    Long range rifle support with barret .50 cal.
    Sonora is CDS !

    New People 006

  10. 🧐 nomas escucho que iban lo guachos y amonos😂😂😂😂

    1. Asi son todas las cartelitas/sicarias, solo pueden con civiles sin armas. Pero cuando realmente se enfrentan con un gallo, nomas los ves corriendo con la cola entre las patas. Sean de Sinaloa, Guatemalo, Italia, o tu puta madre, la gran mayoria de ellas son cobardes.

    2. 6:09 3:55 si seguro ustedes dos si se quedan a pelear a morir en la raya, par de culos

  11. He Sol
    I was hoping you would help with the translation on this.

    thanks man

    1. I agree 100%. Borderland Beat is the only narco blog that translates videos and mantas into English. Thanks SOl, ETC

      The best!

  12. he did an AMA on reddit 2 days ago but no one took the username serious


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