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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Michoacan: Hours long confrontation, blockades, fires

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  Reforma

A stretch of highway in the Municipality of Buenavista, Michoacán, was blocked with trucks this Saturday after registering a confrontation hours before between armed civilians and security forces in the Municipality of Aguililla.

Elements of the National Guard and the Michoacán Police came to the place to free blockades.

At the scene, the agents were allegedly attacked by residents with boards and rocks.

"In coordination with @GN_MEXICO_, elements of the #PoliceMichoacán, implemented operational work in the municipality of Buenavista to free circulation in a stretch of highway located in the vicinity of the North Division community," reported the Ministry of Public Security of Michoacán.

"The blockade was carried out by residents due to the actions carried out in the region by the security forces; in the area the agents maintain joint surveillance tasks, in order to guarantee the well-being of the citizens."

Yesterday afternoon, in a town near this area, a confrontation between armed civilians and security forces was reported.

The shooting occurred in the community of Charapo, Municipality of Aguililla, about 24 kilometers from North Division.

Reports indicate that in the place members of the Elite Group of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación aka (CJNG) shot at elements of the Mexican Army, which sparked a confrontation.

It turned out that at least three vehicles with artisanal armor used by the alleged criminals were damaged and set on fire.

So far it is unknown if there were deaths or injuries from these events. Similarly, it was reported that the alleged assailants managed to flee.


  1. Sedena, GN real name Policia Federal turned into a more heavily armed military force sweeping the area for the Viagras/Chocomiles de Tepeke. This was expected Mencho never took Coalcoman, Villa Victoria he left them in El Aguaje out to dry. If they would have taken those area's they could have sent convoys from the far west behind Aguillila and threw the sawmill that is north of Aguillila but Mencho just gave up.

    Once los Chocomiles flipped on CJNG they lost that area completely. The Viagras would have already been history and everything would have stayed how it was CJNG isn't able or willing to go full war mode on them. Los Viagras are not even that strong they have small towns surrounded by Lemon orchards that is what feeds them. Apatzigan isn't even controlled by the Viagras the Templarios still control it. From what is said El Tena Templario and the branch that he belongs to is having issues with the Templarios from Morelia, Urupan which are the one's that back Los Viagras more. They have been attacking and killeing their people in those areas and burning businesses that belong to Nazario.

    This guy is the one that is trying to make a move on Nazario and his people he is the current lover of Kike Plancartes wife.

  2. Funny how some of the ppl that work with el mencho are from those areas and they can’t take there hometowns aguillila and coalcoman. They come in from Colima side easy to see convoys coming in since most of the pueblos have 1 entrada and salida

  3. Wow the pheasants are used to rampant crime, that now they don't want no police help.

    1. Pheasants are birds smart one..

    2. Them pheasants must have flown the coop. Hey pheasant guy, how long you gonna use the 🐦?

    3. 9:41 Must be that ALMO guy,
      A peasant who will never learn to rite and reid his three Rs.


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