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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tamaulipas: 25 Dead in Rival Cartel Shootout; Disappearances Reported in Border Town

"MX" for Borderland Beat
Authorities arrive at the scene and discover two charred vehicles
Last week, a shootout between suspect members of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) and the Northeast Cartel (CDN) left at least 25 gunmen dead. The incident occurred in a region known as La Frontera Chica, a border stretch along the Texas–Tamaulipas border. The incident also spilled over to the bordering state of Nuevo León. 

Although shootings were reported since Thursday, neither the Tamaulipas or Nuevo León government released information on the shootings. Locals reported seeing convoys of approximately 25 trucks, some with the acronym "CDN", through their towns shortly before the shootout. The firefights were said to have last the entire weekend.

Most of the shootouts occurred in the municipalities of Camargo and Díaz Ordaz (in Tamaulipas), and in Doctor Coss and General Bravo (in Nuevo Leon). Soldiers from the Eighth Military Zone in Reynosa and from the Mier Municipality barracks went to these municipalities to provide support to the local police.
Two armored vehicles were caught on fire during the shootout
At 11:00 am, the military arrived at a crime scene where they found two burning trucks. One of the vehicles was armored and had a mounted grenade launcher. Next to one of the vehicles, authorities found the body of a man who was burned to death.

Sources close to the investigation reported the finding of three bodies, but locals assured that up to 25 people were killed at the scene. They said that the cartel members recovered the bodies of their fallen comrades before authorities arrived at the scene.

A charred body was found next to one of the vehicles
The CDN, based in Nuevo Laredo, is trying to expand east and into the CDG's territory. The shootouts primarily occurred in turfs historically controlled by the CDG.

Recent disappearances
Several families in the town of Los Guerra (Miguel Aleman Municipality) reported on Monday and Tuesday that armed men broke into their homes and abducted their relatives. At least 5 people are reporting missing, among them several minors.

Five residents from the town of Los Guerra were reported missing this week
Among the people were kidnapped since early Monday morning are a couple of men between the ages of 25 and 30. One of them was named José de Jesús. They also took Inrri Osvaldo Salinas, who was just 15 years old. He was forcibly taken from inside his home during the early hours of this Tuesday. His mother is desperate for answers and has asked authorities to help her search.

Similarly, early this Wednesday morning, unidentified assailants kidnapped several teenagers. One of them was Luis Edwin Hernández Serrato, who was approximately 20 years old. He worked in a veterinary clinic and was kidnapped while he slept in his home. The abductors knocked down the door of his house and forcibly took him in front of his wife without further explanation.

Source: El MananaInfobae



  2. Cartel Del Noreste is growing, theyre even in cancun now. with Z-40 out of prison soon a new blood bath will for sure happen in the streets all over mexico. it will be interesting how they go about taking on the likes of CJNG, CDS.. etc. Imagine if CDN and CDG RE Allied themselves, i know they wont due to them being bitter rivals but still it would be in both their best interest

    1. Cdg and Zve did bt I think it died with el charmin


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