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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Former federal agents killed in Celaya Guanajuato, 16th and 17th this year in the city, 38th in the state 2020

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  La Silla Rota GTO and Twitter

Today photos were posted of the Sunday afternoon murder of two officers of the Municipal Police of Celaya.  They were on their day off.

They were both former federal police officers, hired for the specialized security group implemented by Miguel Ángel Simental .

The agents were riddled with bullets outside a sports complex in Miguel Alemán Valdés.

They had gone with other municipal elements. The now deceased, were waiting for their companions, in their vehicle outside the sports complex. Armed subjects approached them from the rear of the vehicle. They were ambushed and assassinated from behind.

The vehicle waited at the main entrance of the aforementioned sports unit. The ex- feds were waiting for their companions, who were still inside the sports complex.

Warning....Very Graphic Images Below!!!

The calm was cut short when gunshots were heard outside. The officers who were changing clothing inside went out and found the bodies of their companions aboard a black Volkswagen brand vehicle. The officers were already deceased

Little is known about the murderers. Witnesses statement says those responsible arrived in a car. Which was parked meters behind the vehicle of the fallen officers. They quickly descended from the unit and shot at the officers. It was not specified what type of unit was used to commit the crime.

With this double murder of officers in Celaya, totals the account 17 the slain agents in this city. Most are former federales, brought in  by the director of police in Celaya, have been killed.

The strategy of hiring former federal officials, to increase municipal security, has resulted in poor results.  Agents of the Federal Police became a target for organized crime. In total in the state, there are already 38 agents killed in this 2020, with more than a half year to go.

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  1. Aren't these guys armed and supposed to be alert!? What poor training Mr President: you should join Trump at the white house bunker.


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