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Thursday, June 4, 2020

CJNG Decapitates and Dismembers Venezuelan Woman Residing in Cancún

"MX" for Borderland Beat

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) claimed responsibility for decapitation and dismemberment of a woman of Venezuelan origin who was living in Cancún, Quintana Roo.

According to reports circulating on social media, the woman was identified as Corina Yerinel Vargas Zambrano. She had been missing for several days. Authorities discovered her dismembered body inside two plastic bags.

At the scene, her killers left a written banner signed with the name of CJNG leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes ("El Mencho"). The message was directed to the  Northeast Cartel (CDN), a rival criminal group.

"This is murder is directed to you, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra. You sold the turf of Quintana Roo to the Northeast Cartel. You fucking betrayed us. This is not going to stay like this. Rodolfo Manuel Chi Chi, you are Carlos Armando Tejeda alias Comandante Lobo, Subsecretary of Public Security. Manuel Molina Morales, Director of Municipal Police. Secretary of Public Security Eduardo Santamaría Chávez with argijs code".
Her body was found inside plastic bags and on top a written message
The state police cordoned off the area where they found the human remains were found. Capella, one of the individuals mentioned in the banner, has been denounced several times by gangsters in the area.

Corina was a 29-year-old girl had a degree in sports management from the Venezuelan National Experimental University of Táchira. In addition, she also studied criminology and was a member of the Corps of Scientific and Criminal Investigations (CICPC). Due to economic hardships, Corina was working as an Uber driver.

People looking for Corina mentioned that she was residing in Mexico legally and lived with her sister in Cancún. A friend of her said she was part of the Consejo Internacional Sumando Venezuela, a non-profit organization that helps Venezuelans in Mexico. The organization is based in Cancún.

"Corina was always a very happy girl", the person said.


  1. A lady minding her own business, gets killed by CJNG aka baby killer cartel, shows me they will kill anyone, just to set an example.
    Nothing is being done by the government to prevent the killings.

    1. Isn't Sinaloa the capital of female murders? They kidnap, rape and kill more females in Sinaloa than any other state!

  2. So a regular person
    In Cancun randomly
    Walk into arms of death to send MESSAGE to pepe who sold out route to rival
    I'm curious
    What a few billions buy you? You cant spend your billions.if you have all Mexico routes,you would still go to Finland to kill Cod fisherman
    You want that equity
    The greed is bloodlust
    Eh woman doing good is gutted.MOTHAMEXICO CRYIN AGAIN,she ask,please stop.


  4. So what if someone sold the plaza?? Go after that person or the cdn .. smh .. bola de culos

    1. How the fuck can we go after them.Some of CJNG Best Surveillance guys are stuck in USA. Don't worry AMIGO. YOUR GOING TO BE TIRED OF SEEING CJNG CJNGX CANCUN VERACRUZ

  5. CJNG is very vulnerable. Politicians smell blood now that they’ve gotten stuck in many wars and have burned through manpower and money ver fast. Some are beginning to switch sides. Mencho quería comerse el mundo y el mundo se lo va comer.

    1. Im no fan of mecho, but i think he’s alot smarter than everyone gives him credit. His time will end, but he plays chess and lots of us think he only plays checkers! He has more power than all other DTO’s at this time. Money not running out!

    2. Your Retarded Just Like Senile El Mayo ZAMBADDA and His 🐖 SNITCH Kids

    3. I’d like to note the governments of the US and Mexico collaborated to seize billions and tons of drugs that all belonged to CJNG. As well as loss of Cancun to CDN, they’re hurting very badly since they’re so overstretched and being attacked from all sides and might not have money to pay for bribes very soon. If they don’t finish off any of the fronts very soon they’ll be crushed and the carcass will be consumed by every cartel.

  6. That is jacked up..just a girl trying to make a living...these sicarios are lames

  7. Your guess is as good as ours. I tried looking for plenty of sources about the case but all said the same thing. Of course the CJNG will try to frame her as a gangster but all indicates she was just used as collateral. Sad story.

  8. What was a CICPC doing in Cancun driving for Uber? Something else is missing maybe some agent sold her out.

    They don't know much but they know she had economic hardship?

  9. I'm reading the rumor that she was Capella's lover.

  10. MX, not defending CJNG, just saying could she have been more in volved than you think just being a Uber driver. Or someone just chopped her up and left a CJNG card under. Im sure you’d deny it if the card said MX did it.


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