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Thursday, March 5, 2020

24 killings in 3 days another severed head abandoned on streets of Juarez--

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Material from El Diario de Juarez

A second severed head has been found this week on the streets of Juarez,  as drug violence continues unabated in that border city.

Police on Tuesday were alerted to a plastic bag containing human remains on a street corner in a neighborhood east of the Juarez airport. The remains turned out to be a severed head, according to El Diario de Juarez.

A man was killed and his mutilated body was located at two different points south of the city.

People who walked on Zaragoza Boulevard at the height of Ivy Street, located a black plastic bag with the head of a man and reported it to the authorities.

Minutes later, calls were received from guides who circulated on José Mateos Torres Avenue and Cártamo Street, where there was a body that lacked the head.

On Monday, another head had been abandoned on busy Zaragoza Boulevard; police later found the body on a different street corner, also east of the airport, the newspaper reported.

Twenty-four murders were recorded in Juarez during the first three days in March, and authorities attribute that to the ripples of a recent jail transfer involving the leader of the “Mexicles” gang — the enforcement arm of the Sinaloa cartel — at the end of February.


  1. A few days ago a top leader for the Mexicles gang inprisoned inside one of the Juarez prisons was transferred out of state to Chiapas I think. He is believed to have been responsible for the recent attacks on cops in that city.
    These killings can be related to this transfer also given that his group might be fighting for control of the gang.

  2. in juarez mexicles is now fractured,some independent, some with cds handlers and most now sub contracting for la linea.....same for other internationalized prison gangs....

  3. mexico an embarrassment called a country.

    1. 4:24 and you are some big sanababich
      for blaming this local mess on all of Mexico,
      a whole country at the mercy of big mouths like you trying to sell off what is not even yours...
      In spite of the cheap drugs being forced down the throats of a lot of mexicans to sell or eat, Mexico still does not have the overdoses or the death rates of a US where a government complicit in The drug trafficking refuses to make Naloxone available to alleviate the overdose deaths.
      --It could be your own children chingadamadre!!!
      Still I do not blame the whole US for the world or Mexico's problems, but that is because I am not a sanababich...

  4. To put it in perspective Juarez is getting an average of 100 homicides every single month, for about 10 years since CDS tried to take the city from the Juarez cartel. TJ on the west coast, same story:

    1. 7:03 1 400 homicides a year for 10 years is about 14 000 the cost of the FECAL WAR ON DRUGS, but the numbers look short, unless you remember Cd Juarez is only one city, I guestimate the total deaths is about one million in twelve years of FECALATO AND EPN, due to military and police involvement, they really know how to disappear people.
      Under President AMLO the king has continued, except for one thing, he is not sending anybody to murder or disappear mexicans, no matter the accusations or enmity, and he is not paying the prensa chayotera to shave or give facials to the bad news, he said he is El Peje, not el pendejo.

  5. So are "These those heads that are Rolling ?
    Serious from Perris or from that other drug bust up north in Organ State
    Or are these completely unrelated to recent busts ?


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