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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Chihuahua: YouTuber Accused Of Abducting Woman And Demanding Bitcoin Ransom

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat Material from El Pais and Digital Wise
Loera is top row center and is said to be the 'mastermind' of the kidnapping plan

Germán Loera, 25, who portrays himself as a business visionary, was a part of a group of six who snatched a 33-year-old attorney off the road in Chihuahua City and forced her into a vehicle. 

Thania Denisse was taken to a house leased by Loera, who requested 2 million pesos in Bitcoins for her release. Police rescued the attorney  two days after the abduction and captured six of the suspected kidnappers.

Chihuahua lead prosecutor Cesar Peniche reported that Loera was ‘an extremely experienced individual in web correspondence’ who attempted to coordinate the kidnapping and ransom exchanges on the web.

Mr Peniche included that ‘on the issue of Bitcoins, regardless of whether it is a novel instrument, it is detectable, and that the hijackers’ computer footprint  permitted police to discover them.

 Loera has a large following made larger after he became infamous. One of his most popular videos features a keynote speech he gave to the 2017 World Congress of Young Leaders for Peace, organised by a pan-American human rights organisation. In the video description, he writes: ‘If you can’t find your dream job, create it and share it with a team!’ 

He also claimed to be CEO of a marketing and design company, although its website describes a dental prosthetics company and there is no evidence of him having any employees or clients. A company Loera claimed to have done business with said after his arrest that it had nothing to do with him or his brand. 

Investigation Status
It was later uncovered that Loera’s dad had been decapitated and his body tossed outside a memorial service home only half a month prior to kidnapping.

Investigators told  media that four others whose headless bodies were found, were the result of ongoing violence between individuals from the Sinaloa Cartel and the Juarez Cartel.


  1. Bitcoin is dumb.

    Nothing like good old, gold ingots.

    1. Currency that has no central bank isn’t dumb, it’s the future old man.

    2. The future is not necessarily the best.

    3. Future my @as...not if it can't be insured, child.

  2. Bitcoin is traceable on the blockchain.

  3. They should hand these losers over to cds they will give them their punishment for messing with innocent women, like a socario of gente nueva once said in a documentary that el chapos taught them to live by code and respect el pueblo

    1. @2:36 Linieros do the same thing

    2. It was just a movie kid, nothing else, just TV

    3. Is that you Sicario 006?

  4. You hit the nail right on the head its cia

  5. @4:37 And at the same type move and launder their own.

  6. Funny how they can find kidnappers when they want too.


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