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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Chihuahua, Mexico: Huachicolero Carlos Cuevas Abundis Kills 2 of His Bodyguards

WARNING  GRAPHIC VIDEO-First video is Carlos explaining before the camera how he has permission from the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) to steal from Pemex. The second video is of him cutting of the ears of his bodyguards. Here recently Carlos was kidnapped but managed to escape his captors.

 Video translation is as follows:
I am Carlos Cuevas Abundis. I send people to tap the fuel lines. And I have a group of specialists that tell me when I can go in and leave. And within the Pemex and Guelma organization they tell me what will be flowing. 

Whether it’s petrol or diesel. And when I should enter and when I should leave. Because the alarm goes off. The pipeline alarms in Mexico haven’t been working so well. 

And that’s how I go about my business. I have arrangements that I made beforehand with Licentiate Jimenez from the PGR. He’s the one who showed me how to offset any problems I might run into. 

I have contracts for maintenance from the transport crews. In case I run into any problems they return my expenses. I have all the invoices, all the permits, and all the arrangements in order so that I don’t have any difficulties. 

A video is circulating on social media networks in which a man can be observed, apparently an older adult, mutilating and decapitating two subjects.

Sources of the red note indicate that the victims were bodyguards of the fuel theft leader. Of whom they tried to "sell out" to the authorities or a rival criminal group.

The recording lasts less than a minute, and it shows an older man holding a knife, while two men lie on the ground, handcuffed and bloody.

According to sources of the red note, it’s a businessman "huachicolero" protected by officials of the Attorney General's Office, which operates in Chihuahua and is advised by Pemex staff.

"Why did you want to sell me out?" Asks the older man to one of the bound subjects, he then cuts his neck.

He mutilates the other mans ear, "why did you want to sell my brother and me out."

While all this is happening, several subjects who are around, illuminate with flashlights and record the events.

"Take them away and kill them," says the man at the end of the recording.

Video #2 translation is as follows:
Bodyguard #1: I didn’t sell you out boss! Boss! Boss! I didn’t sell you out my boss!

Carlos Cuevas Abundis: You also asshole why the fuck did you try to sell my brother and me out?! Why the fuck were you trying to sell me out faggot?! Take them the fuck out of here and kill their fucking assess!

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat


  1. I believe the first video was taken during Cuevas Abundis’ recent kidnapping—he apparently escaped by killing one of the sicarios guarding the safehouse but was himself shot in the process. It seems Cuevas Abundis was arrested for the mutilation/murder of his two employees while in the hospital recovering from his gunshot wound.

  2. Holy mackerel Sol, finds the worst going on in Mexico. The PGR is working together in stealing fuel, what happened to ALMOs fight against fuel theft?????

    1. This the worst? It's pretty normal/common unfortunately.

    2. 12:32 it's not normal and it's not common but it might seem that way because you're on a website that strictly focuses on this type of news.

    3. That attorney general is the AG of the State of Chihuahua, Peniche.
      Not the AG of the PGR, He would not go to Chihuahua to fack up one or a dozen motherfacking huachicoleros, he is getting governors and ministers and billionaire former presidentes in prison or to court.

  3. Cuevas Abundis also runs a construction company in Delicias, which is kind of the perfect cover if you are a huachicolero.

    1. Saludos a conchos y el Puerto my family from there

  4. First video is Carlos explaining before the camera how he has permission from the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) to steal from Pemex. The second video is of him cutting of the ears of his bodyguards. Here recently Carlos was kidnapped but managed to escape his captors. Apparently this wasn’t the first time he’s had to endure a kidnapping. I believe that someone somewhere had some sort of conflict with this fuel thief which led to everything that’s been transpiring in his life. If politicians are enabling him to steal freely then it was just a matter of time before everything would go south for him.

    1. He has bad luck.

    2. Or good luck, cuz he's still kicking.

    3. The only bad luck he's having is that it took too long to cut the ear off

  5. Is this with linias or gn?

    1. Pgr
      All huachicoleo mex government embezzlement from pemex

    2. He couldn't kill them himself
      He needs to hand over his spot
      And leave mexico
      Doesn't have the heart for this game

    3. @11:51

      Jajajajaja cállate el hocico no mames. El viejón se escapó y les mochó las orejas a unos putos pero alamejor fue sospecha, no estaba 100% seguro.

      Yo creo que ya tiene sus años en esto, pero tu eres Juan Camaney, perdón wey.

    4. @11:51

      El viejo es patron no sicario

    5. @11:51 El señor es jefe no chalán.

  6. Hey Abundis, now you’re identified. Pray to god the dead guys families don’t seek revenge and slaughter you’re own mother, children, brothers, sisters. Te pasaste.

  7. That's downright stupid. It only exposes how dysfunctional his organization is, it should be done privately but obviously they have no brains.

  8. Hard-core, old man is smooth escaping the kidnapping.. Got sold out by the ones close to him, it's expected in that lifestyle

  9. The impunity enjoyed by criminals in Mexico has boldened them. He's obviously been around long enough to know better. So, in video 1 he was kidnapped, so he was either spouting off to avoid torture, and he turned t

  10. Kinda badass for an old man if he keeps escaping kidnappings

    1. That’s what happen for betraying your boss sorry guys! Old man a badass

  11. Dude, Carlos the video taped confession was made whilst he was held captive. He had stayed nicely under the radar the whole time.

    He is done now however and the PGR guys will get him killed in no time.

  12. WOW Mexico State owns this oil ?
    With USA interests
    And no one is Safe guarding it ?
    Shit we go to War in Arab Nations to protect our interests in oil.
    But we and The Mexican Gov. Let this so FREELY be stolen
    I am sooo ignorant or have been freaking blind my whole 60 odd yrs
    I know curruption is everywhere
    But not one peep from all those Climate Green Energy people or our own Gov about this in the Main News

    Its a billion dollar Company I knew Mexico was leading in diesal fuel to US
    But I had no idea that The Goverment was stealing from its self at such a large scale,,and getting away with it
    Why has nothing been done
    And biting the hand that feeds you
    When is your President and the people of Mexico going to ask for Help and or put a stop to this ?

    Think of all that money for schools houseing Crime fighting
    Higher wages Does Mexico really want to be labled 3rd world country

    Think what a beautiful country
    With jobs nice houseing Running water
    It could be the best of the best countrys in the WORLD. No one would want to leave Youd be putting up your wall keeping Califorians Out
    But instead its a hell hole
    Higher wages Mexico wants to keep the poor poor No Sharing of wealth with its own People
    I am so surprised Mexico has been allowed to be sold out so cheaply
    This folks is why We fight for The United States so Americans dont have to put up with this corupption at this level
    If most Americans Knew all this about Mexico
    Heads would Roll
    Americans scream Green Deals Stop raping fracking here but they dont look south to see The Raping in Mexico
    God have mercy

    1. 3:07 bankrupting PEMEX in mexico by mexican government acolytes would leave the government owned but heavily mortgaged and pawned corporation in the hands of the likes of Spain's "contractors" like Oceanografia, pr BlackRock, or any number of partners trying to stick it to the mexicans like Grupo de Lima is trying to stick it to the Venezuelans and others try to stick it to Iran, Iraq, Saudis, Qataris and africa and South America and anywhere there could be a dollar to be stolen...
      AMLO is saving PEMEX along with other state owned corporations.

  13. Dude had the balls to kill the rats who worked for him,sad sicario killed guarding the old guy,wonder how long after they recorded first video?


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