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Thursday, March 5, 2020

In Mexico, 7 Out of 10 Female Police Officers Suffer Gender Violence

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Seven out of ten female police officers in Mexico suffer from gender violence in their workplace. Only 17 percent of them report these acts because they fear retaliation from their coworkers or superiors. Of the cases that are reported, only 30 percent of them are punished in a court of law.

The non-profit organization Causa Común (English: Common Cause) presented these findings in March 2020 after conducting multiple surveys nationwide. 

The study was called "Being a female police officer in Mexico" and mostly focused in police forces in the State of Mexico and the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl. Most states in Mexico were part of the survey too, with the exception of Michoacán, Nayarit, Puebla and Tabasco, which declined to be evaluated.

Women have played a role in public security in Mexico since the Revolution, but their role has largely been suppressed over the years. In the Revolution, the so-called Soldaderas (or Adelitas) were women who participated in the war and whose duties varied from commanders, combatants and camp followers. 

When the war ended, women were introduced to the Mexican police in 1930. They were part of a separate force known as the Policía Femenina (English: Feminine Police). The functions of these female police officers focused on providing guidance on historical, cultural and/or geographic data to citizens who requested it. 

Historically, female police officers have been assigned to administrative tasks; many often work as secretaries or cookers in the police force. These are roles that are generally not given to men. Hence, the objective of the survey was to encourage the government to design gender workshops in the police to sensitize men and women about these issues. Their goal was also to contribute to the reduction, and eventual eradication, of undue behavior against female police officers. 

Confessions from female officers
According to the organization's head Pilar Déziga, 20 percent of all police officers in Mexico are women. She said that women have confessed to them that they suffer from discrimination since they are recruited and begin training. Women interviewed said that they had trouble getting promoted and that their work-life balance worsened when compared to men in the same position. Many said that when they came forward to speak against a crime against them, they were harassed or victimized.

In the municipal police force of Nezahualcóyotl and the State of Mexico police, 68 percent of the women said they had suffered from offensive catcalling from coworkers. Others said they had been raped by their coworkers but did not press charges. 

Some of them said they did not seek for help because they believed the perpetrators would not be punished, that the perpetrators would later hurt them, or simply because they did not know where to go or whom to speak to about these incidents.

Other women said that they considered this behavior "normal" because they worked in a police where men are the majority. 53 percent of women interviewed said they believed the police force saw women as inferior to men.

Survey conclusions and recommendations
The surveys demonstrated that aggressive behaviors against female police officers are widespread and normalized. They can range from insults, threats, messages or photographs with sexual advances, touching, physical violence and rape.

Five out ten women do not participate in rank promotion courses; three out of these ten do not participate because their superiors consider them unfit for the new role. The remaining two have not even been considered for such courses.

María Elena Pizaña Ibarra, a commander in the Nezahualcóyotl police, said that it is important for men and women to study gender topics, and stressed that those women who were told they are unfit for their role or should not aspire for a promotion should by close attention to this.

Chantal Chastenay, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Canada in Mexico, helped provide funds for the investigation. She said that female police officers play a crucial role in stopping gender violence in Mexico.

The survey recommended the government to create more gender workshops, particularly among commanders and instructors. They asked authorities to look into their code of conduct and ethics rules to make sure there are procedures in place to punish those (men or women) who conduct gender discrimination. Complaints play a key role in increasing awareness and they asked authorities to help protect the integrity those who go down this path.


  1. This is a very sad state of affairs in Mexico, but I must say I am surprised that "Of the cases that are reported, only 30 percent of them are punished in a court of law."

    Unfortunately 30% is much higher than I expected and I wonder if it is that much higher here in the US or other 'advanced' countries. Does anybody out there know?

  2. Are high heels part of the dress uniform?

    1. I’ve seen women in some autodefensa groups wearing heels on the job. You wouldn’t think that’s the proper thing for females to wear while performing their dangerous work. But some ladies do it to show off their feminine side. Pride plays a part their as well. Some of us men know the real reason why they do it though. They prowl as much as we do. Lol.

    2. More brilliant insight from Sol. 😂

    3. Always a clown in the crowd some looser with a low IQ.

    4. How can you chase a bad guy on heels? Wear danner boots don't they issued boots with their uniforms .?

    5. chivis why do you allow this garbage from sol? "they prowl as much as we do?" the guy doesn't have a clue how offensive his remarks are.

    6. Wow Queso you finally made it back. Some dude was all worried about you on here. Turns out you have male fans. Mind blowing.

    7. Thanks for the reply. Heels seem kinda silly for a PO.

    8. There are dignified high heels chole, female police officers should use their own judgement not the judgement of some fake neo-porfiristas like stale cheese or you whose comments go on the side of the abusers.
      Cheesy, use your own amazing photo and really conquer with your real mug.

    9. Sol! You know I tease you because you are real. Your goofy comments crack me up and the your work you do is good.

      I was in another part of the world for a while and glad to be back in the US.


  3. Hopefully this is a wake up call to women tj not become police in Mexico and as for the killings the men should take note too, it’s a dumb lowpaying career in Mexico unless you are in DF or Monterrey.

    1. It won't be an attractive job to women unless the government pays and protects them well.thats why cops in Mexico are not respected and then Mexican citizens go to the USA and do the same and they get slammed to the ground when confronting an American cop for being disrespectful; keep learning stupid.

    2. If you were to ask police men or women, I'm pretty sure they would tell you that money is not the only factor. I've had friends go into LE. I think a bigger reason is they don't like seeing their family,friends or neighbors be victims of crime. The desire to help people. To make a difference in their communities for the better. I've known a couple people who got into it simply because they have a lust for power but I think that's the minority. Some women are told they can't because they've been told it's only a man's job. It's a kind of "I'll show you!". My wife was a long haul truck trucker and tow truck driver mainly because her (ex) husband drilled it into head that she couldn't handle it. Oppositional defiance can be a powerful motivator! My point is, women can do anything they want. It's the culture that needs change.

    3. 11:30 police jobs in mexico need more women, it has been demonstrated that they are more professional and honest than male officers, but there have been some real pieces of shit like Comandanta Loren, head of kidnappers of niño Fernando marti, and comadre of luis cardenas palomino head of the kidnapping federal police for genarco garcia Luna in mexico city.
      There as re big bosses Josefina Vazquez mota and procuradora AG marisela morales and the witch who escaped from hell isabel miranda de Wallace the poinche huichcola that made up kidnappings, fabricated "presumed guilty" parties and put them in prison, corruption in the mexican police corporations needs a lot of female internal affairs officers, and lie detectors specialists, they caught SLP SSP enrique francisco galindo ceballos who resigned only to be made chief of mexican federal police by EPN when he got the presidency where he went on to make his crimes federal crimes of state.

  4. I worry about the ones that Declined to be evalueated

    Its A Shame that woman have to put up with this crap from macho pigs
    I have female friends in LA county
    That are LE yes its tough on them but not anything like this
    My friends say most men do like a woman as partners but to trust one in real time of need when brute strength is needed .. but now many cant use that because of cameras
    Or they get called lisbos But In all they wouldnt change being a policewoman They dislike bad guys
    Just the same Men Will use a woman officer here to calm other woman down
    I hope these brave woman continue to help Mexico
    Atta Girls and You go Girls to every Female LE in Mexico
    Kick their ass Girls
    Dont let any man belittle you EVER

  5. There is no honor among thieves...

  6. Got dam I couldn't imagine what his "ladies" have to me being Mexican and all shits like 100x more than it is anywhere else

    1. In Colombia, the generals in charge of the Policia Nacional Academy made some nice coin from selling cadets by the day, the week or the hour, Male or female, to male or female clients, even general Oscar Naranjas went and looked the other way, same as general palomino who resigned when he saw nobody believed he was innocent...he likes to look like the big mustachioed member of the Village People...LOL, there are photos and memes

  7. Como les dije, ellas me pueden agarrar la pistola cuándo y dónde quieran.


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