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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Nuevo León, Mexico: El Monstruo from Cartel del Noreste Captured

Esteban Cantú, director of the AEI, informed that Rodolfo N., alleged leader of the Cartel del Noreste in Nuevo León, could be related to the mutilated and burned bodies found in different parts of the city.

After the arrest of Rodolfo N., alleged leader of the Northeast Cartel in the state of Nuevo León, the State Investigation Agency (AEI) announced that they are already investigating possible operations and criminal acts in which he has been a material or intellectual author.

In an interview after the daily Security meeting, Esteban Cantú Montes, director of the Agency, explained that this person could be related to the finding of mutilated and burned bodies in different parts of the city.

“We are investigating, as the leader could have ordered some of them (criminal facts). We believe that they can be responsible for the various mantas, videos and others that have circulated in social networks and media, as well as some homicides in which mutilated, burned bodies and others have appeared.

“I believe that the time that the Prosecutor's Office has (of existence), I think is more or less the time that this person was operating here in the state. He is practically the leader of all Nuevo León, ”he said.

The official said it was Thursday of last week when they arrested the alleged leader of the cell in the municipality of San Nicolas, along with five other members, and all this was thanks to the research and intelligence work of the unit.

“(With) research and intelligence work of the Agency we managed to capture flagrantly at that time with weapons and drugs. Here the idea is to continue integrating research folders in relation to the events I am commenting on, ”he said.

Cantú said detainees could also be involved with the discovery of a dismembered body left in a vehicle outside the Apodaca prison.

"They could be, it is a subject of investigation, we are working on it and it should be clarified that there are also other criminal cells here in the state they are operating, and that it is also a matter of investigation of this dependence," he said.

He added that in the act of arresting Rodolfo N., no shots were fired and insisted that they were located with intelligence work by the Agency.

He pointed out that both the leader and the other members of the Cartel are from Nuevo León.

He also said they are alert to any reaction that may arise from this criminal group against the Agency.

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  1. Man, these guys look like they spend most of their time extorting the torta shops.

  2. Esteban Cantu ay rumores que tienen nexos con el CJNG.


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