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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Xalapa, Veracruz: Attorney in Charge of Veracruz is Cousin of Alleged Member of ‘Los Zetas’

Verónica Hernández Giadáns, once the legal director of the Government Secretariat of Veracruz, is in charge of the Office of the Attorney General of the State, after Jorge Winckler Ortiz was separated from office by the local Congress.

The office of the Attorney General of the State (FGE), Verónica Hernández Giadáns, confirmed that she is cousin of Guadalupe Hernández Hervis, aka La Jefa, alleged member of the criminal group headed by Hernán Martínez Zavaleta, aka El Comandante H.

During her appearance before the local Congress, she affirmed that "I will not deny a relationship, family is not chosen, fortunately friends are, I can’t answer for the acts they commit; I am solely responsible for my actions and my words” she said before the questioning launched by the deputy of Morena José Manuel Pozos Castro.

During the government of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares (2016-2018) it was made public that the then Secretary of Public Security, Jaime Téllez Marie, held telephone conversations with Guadalupe Hernández Hervis, aka La Jefa.

The SEIDO had her identified as a Zetas operator, and opened the investigation FED / SEIDO / UEIDMS-TAB / 0000612/2017.


  1. I would like to agree her but it’s Mexico. The country you have to pay for family failures.

  2. Well its Veracruz one way or another you're gonna be related to a Z

  3. Just another reason to put her on blast to be green lit to get assassinated.

  4. Actions not words.....

  5. Reason why cjng hasnt been able to wipe Z's out, they only took the moat lucrative plazas and puertos

  6. It happens in USA as well look at Whitey Bulger and his bother Billy in Boston


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