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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mini war for huachicolera in Lázaro Cárdenas

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Tabasco Hoy

On the outskirts of Villahermosa there was a confrontation between police and huachicoleros authorities who were discovered in his den.

The events were recorded this morning when elements of the State Police set up an operation to stop a truck with a report of theft, which ended its journey on a farm in the Lázaro Cárdenas Rancheria.
When the officers arrived they were shot by armed civilians who tried to defend the area by burning tires to block the way of the police.

However, the officers endured the fray until reinforcements arrived and repelled the aggression, until the criminals fled into the undergrowth.

It should be noted that a police officer was injured by a woman who stole his communication radio, and then fled.

After the confrontation, the police managed to enter the site discovering that it was a huachicolera, where they found a warehouse with 30 thousand liters of stolen fuel.


  1. Price gasoline has not gone down. Amlo we want free fuel, Chavez did it

  2. I dont understand why anyone would steal gas in Mexico as their hustle. Doing the math on this 30,000 litres of gas is only 8,500 gallons roughly. Even selling it at $3/galon that's $25,000. If they took just one of those 275 gallon barrels and cooked meth in it they'd make $250,000. Their overhead has to be insane too. Too many workers, trucks, tanks, bribes. I'd just get into drugs and make the big buck .

    1. We all go after the low hanging fruits. and what you described sound for me like greed and we all know how this ends.

    2. I dont even believe that's the low lying fruit. Seems to me that it's much more complex a scheme than this. The gasoline requires probably requires 50 guys to pull off whereas one tweaker could cook a 200 pound batch of meth in a couple weeks. Less overhead and startup costs too. Not advocating meth production by any means but this just doesn't even seem worth it.

    3. 25k is a lot of money in Mexico. Desperate people do desperate things to make $. Hence a women injuring a police officer to steal his communication radio.


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