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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Chihuahua: Inhabitants get their wish as El Master is found dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In the month of April 2017 a banner was placed on the bridge of La Cantera and Peripheral of Youth, where Governor Javier Corral was asked to place order in the municipality of Namiquipa.
“Mr. Governor, we give you our support from the towns that are not going to shut up, you are making a difference, thank you. Here the names of the cowards of our municipality later  we will put the photos of them. Those responsible for many abuses of the people: Edgar Rascón Sotelo, Wiliberto Rascón Sotelo, Raimundo Rascón el Yuni, José Reyes Lujan, Edgardo Cera El Garo, Roberto Sánchez El Roy, Eloy Burciaga, Gustavo Chávez El Master, Elier Daniel Gutiérrez Quintana, Gabriel Miranda y Fredy Ibarra, los hermanos Corral de Independencia”.
In the banner apparently placed by residents of that municipality, several people named as alleged criminals were enlisted where the name of Gustavo Chavez “El Master” appears  El Master was located lifeless on Monday, January 27 on a road that leads to the garbage dump of Bachiniva.

The intelligence information of the State Attorney General's Office establishes that Chávez entered the preventive corporation in December 2004, then resigned in August 2005; He re-entered in October 2005 and in August 2006 caused definitive leave.

He is also recognized as one of the criminal leaders of La Linea who disputed the position after the arrest of Arturo Quintana aka 80 with influence in Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Álvaro Obregón and Riva Palacio.

Gustavo Chavez Olivas "El Master" was also identified as one of those involved in the crime of activist Ramón Hernandez, in the Namiquipa region in June 2018.

El Master was reported abducted in the Municipality of Namiquipa by armed men last Thursday.


  1. chivi
    can you upload a spreadsheet of la linea/cdj leadership history

  2. Brother of el 80 was already in his position along time ago master has nothing, these guys always had namiquipa and surrounding area safe i went there in October, la linea is the Chihuahua state police a women is getting beat up by her husband who does she call? La Linea lol trust me citizens did not hang up that narcomanta in 2017. That same time was the peak of Los jaguares they were doing everything in their power to take over

    1. I agree i went to buenaventura recently and was safe af...

    2. Either way hes dead, so good riddance....

  3. Sinaloa cleaning Chihuahua thank you sinaloa from El pueblo we Support You because you guys have codes and values
    Hard working Man

    1. Sorry but how is this sinaloa cleaning since they are part of the filth themselves and sinaloa is not beating Juárez cartel at all

    2. codes and values??? LOL kids these days, they will believe anything some naco-corrido says. Viva el Estado Grande and fuck the cds and all these sicarios they bring in from the south.

      Its been over a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 years kid! They are not cleaning shit but their dead from that big bad Chihuahuense battlefield.

    3. Bs gn propaganda el master was killed cuz it was better business for la linea

    4. 2:04 pm ... for your info since you claim to be so informed ... the majority of the sicarios CDS has in Chihuas are chihuahuenses .. get your facts straight kid ... there is no loyalty amongst thieves or Narcos or any criminals.. this isn’t about state pride, your comment shows your ignorance .. Flaco Salgueiro, el Tigre de Cuauhtemoc, el Jaguar de Madera, los Salazar de Chinipas, los Perez de Urique, Los Chavez de parral, los Nevares de Guachochi, el Cumbias de Delicias, el Jaguar de Villa Ahumada and the list goes on and on and on
      are all Chihuahuenses that have been working with CDS for decades back when Juarez and Sinaloa were one big Cartel called the Federation... please wake up ... sinaloenses didn’t invade Chihuahua like they did in Tamaulipas ... they’ve already had people here for years and years .. the states are neighbors for crying out loud !!

    5. Theres a reason villa was surrounded by chihuahenses!!! 15 yrs and not one plaza in chihuahua won by the traitors aka cds!!! Dnt get mad thats what theyre called in tue book!!!

    6. Their only codes and values are to snitch on each other

  4. We people from up North ain't to play with

    Julio cesar chavez

  5. La linea sigue firme


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