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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Military stops transport truck and discovers a ton of cocaine

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  TY GUS  Reynosa Codigo

A ton of cocaine was insured by elements of the Mexican Army, in the box of a truck that was driving on the highway.

The assurance was carried out by personnel of the 43rd Infantry Battalion of the 13 Military Zone, who, when patrolling on the Guadalajara - Tepic highway, at the height of the Santa María del Oro Collection Booth, detected the presence of the double trailer truck.

When conducting an inspection on the truck's, it was detected that it was carrying a ton of alleged cocaine, so the driver of the vehicle was arrested.

With an approximate cost of 300 million pesos. The arrested truck and drug were made available to the Delegation of the Attorney General's Office in Tepic, Nayarit January 25, 2020


  1. Someone didn’t pay the bribe or this is the bribe.

    1. The bribe is always money under the table or weed to make up for a good seizure cartels never give up things like that this was most likely someone that is working on their own and does not pay military authority or local cartels

  2. I've been through this check point/toll-plaza numerous time when I lived in Gdl during the 90's. The olny time I was ever stopped was on a trip back from Pto. Vallarta with my girlfriend and the only thing they searched was my golve box. I did notice that autos with out of state mexican plates did seem to get searched more often. I never once saw them search a passenger bus.

  3. Yep, this will quickly be resold to highest paying cartel for immediate transfer to usa

  4. Just hug and let them go.

  5. Someone is trying to show the yanks that they deserve more 'aid' for guns and training in this highly profitable endeavour called the 'War On Drugs'.

  6. I hope they insured it for the full $300 millie. Anything can happen between point A and pont B.

  7. Or one Cartel employed the Government to steal a ton of Coke for them. That’s a lot easier than doing all the leg work.

  8. It is really sad that when there is positive news, everyone is so negative about it here. Every policeman and military person is not corrupt. Many want the elimination of crime and corruption. I go to Puerto Vallarta a lot. The best way to eliminate cartels is not to buy drugs.

  9. Anonymous great Point =Last comment<.(TX)


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