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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year from The Other Side !

Yaqui for Borderland Beat
                                                     Desde "Las Garras de la Puma"
                              Wishing you all the best this New Year, new decade, will bring.

I will be reporting in from "Otro Lado" which will be infrequent and random depending on where and when I can get a signal in the outback from "El Otro Rancho". Hoping I can report in bearing good news, not bad, but we shall see.  

Much thanks to Chivis, Sol, and all our contributors, readers and commenters. Commenters: Please be easy on Chivis, she will be extra super busy shepherding ya'll through the next few months !


  1. Happy new year just to let ya know el mencho is ill hes on dialysis that the word

    1. The better, he won't live to conquer all of Mexico.

  2. Yeahhhh I need some down time too, I don't mind staying at a farm for two weeks, no cell phone, just peace and tranquility.

  3. Happy New year! There's a stupid article by MN daily, that the enpt Obrador is .... don't of the year, give me a break, just because he sits at a table, Monday thru Friday to offer, jokes, poems, but does nothing about homicides. I can't stop laughing.
    Luna Apagtha

  4. Happy New Year Yaqui, and as always travel safe!

  5. And will be replying from Spain.
    Best wishes to all


    1. 8:49 what are you doing in Spain, laundering money?
      Looks like that is all the spagniola does for a living, EPN & LOPEZ PORTILLO INVESTED MUCH OF THEIR ILL GOTTEN GAINS IN SPAIN, the gachupines are always looking for a ways to steal something, from anybody ⁷

  6. Sol..??? really..he contributes with not a thing other than acting stupid

  7. Gurrrrrrrr!!!! 🙏 Have a safe and wonderful trip.... We will miss your contributions. Big hugs for you and Super Mike.

    Followers: We made our goal of breaking number of posts record previously from 2011 at 1644 we posted 1763 in 2019. TY Sol, Yaqui Profe, Armadillo, researcher Gus and translator Cruz.

    Followers: Welcome to the roaring twenties 2.0 !!🙌

  8. Happy New Year! I understand people have their favorite bloggers and those they dislike. IMO it's what makes a community better! Different styles, opinions and ways of communicating all towards the same goal.

    I just recently started posting but I've been reading this site for so many years, if I recall, it used to have a black background not white, no?
    Anyways great job everyone, appreciate all the hard work, Happy New Year, lets smoke a fatty!

  9. What a beautiful cat

  10. Yaqui please don't go, please don't go, what we going to do when Chivis get sick?


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