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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Profepa Finds 6,500 Sea Turtle Eggs Abandoned in Bags

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ossoaxaca

Inspectors of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Environment (Profepa) found 6,500 sea turtle eggs abandoned in bags, at Morro Ayuta Beach, Oaxaca.

The environmental authorities located four nylon bags, during an inspection and surveillance tour on this beach in the Municipality of San Pedro Huamelula. 

Profepa indicated that the action was carried out in response to the seventh arrival of the Golfina sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivácea) and after the discovery, they carried out the precautionary securance of them. 


The Golfina turtle (Lepidochelys olivácea) is a species endangered. The agency clarified that no person responsible for the wrongdoing was located. 

He stressed that his staff makes tours to try to avoid the looting of nests of this species by local residents near the nesting area. 

“The surveillance tours are carried out day and night in the nesting area with the stated purpose. The looting of sea turtle nests for self-consumption and illegal sale is a practice among the communities near the nesting areas, in this entity, ” said Profepa. 


  1. Hopefully the eggs can still hatch and live in their natural environment.

  2. It seems as if anything goes in mexico,.maybe we are reading too much negativity but it is happening so it is the truth,statements of fact.

  3. Because the Cartel is in control, they do anything to make money. They do not care about the environment

  4. Man has always been inconsiderate & destructive by nature. One of the many flaws among mankind unfortunately. Can only imagine how many species have gone extinct since our arrival.

  5. What does this article have to do with Narco news?

  6. so why steal this eggs? are they some kind of delicacy that's worth lots of $? also if that's the case, wouldn't it be prudent to arrest and prosecute the rich pricks who buy this stuff too? seems to me only the average people end up in jail. mexico or America, nobody with wealth seems to ever pay the piper, except for a few small examples here and there. 99% of rich criminals get away with anything the want. and as a side note, all those young Mexican girls disappearing in Juarez and other cities are being sold off to these same elites who are above the law. like I said, they only prosecute the little guy, and before anyone says Epstein, he may have had a little money but the people he serviced own entire countries. he's just a well paid errand boy.

  7. Happy New YearGuys. Waiting line at the bridge in matamoros with Amlo u should have a lot of news in 2020

  8. Let me guess these eggs were for the Chinese they think they can swim better after eating these.

  9. You get caught doing that here you're screwed!!!! You're better off stealing a car...

  10. Wow i had no idea people ate sea turtle eggs but im not really surprised

  11. Yankee what's the total vin deaths/homicides in Mexico?
    For the year 2019.

  12. Spent many years on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, mainly in Michoacan, surfing the point breaks of La Ticla and Rio Nexpa, with secret spots in between. Turtle egss are a delicacy and a valuable resource for protein. Seems the coast indians have been collecting the eggs and turtles for thousands of years.


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