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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Playas del Rosario, Tabasco: The Pelón de Playas Cartel

Video translation is as follows:
Newscaster: Federal and State Police arrested in Jalapa, Tabasco a leader of a criminal group known as the Cartel del Pelón in Playas del Rosario. This man was identified as Trinidad Alberto De La Cruz. He was arrested with 4 of his accomplices when they attempted to circumvent a State Police and National Guard checkpoint.

Trinidad Alberto De La Cruz aka Pelón de Playas

Apparently they were fleeing after having stolen a shipment of lumber. Trinidad De La Cruz is accused of kidnapping, homicide, drug trafficking, among other crimes. The 5 men were placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic.

And in the afternoon elements of the prosecutor's office search an area in the municipality and downtown. There the vehicle was found with the stolen cargo. This took place in Tabasco. In response to this arrest, armed men set fire to at least 5 vehicles in different parts of Villahermosa during this morning.

According to the state prosecutor's office there were no injured people. Narco mantas were also hung to demand the release of this criminal. They even threatened to attack the population as well as relatives of police officers.

Faced with this alert, Tabasco authorities implemented surveillance operations throughout the capital. They asked citizens to ignore these threats. They said they will guarantee the safety and tranquility of families during the festivities tonight.

Anonymous Male Citizen: Oh my God Gabriel a car bomb.

Newscaster: This was not the only protest to demand the release of this criminal. This afternoon 120 women, children, and men marched through the streets of the Playas del Rosario community in Villahermosa.

They asked that the Pelón de Playas be freed since they argued at the rally that he had not committed any crime. Several motorcycle taxis joined. With this, it’s documented that crime is still socially based.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat   Source


  1. Running from the law and death everyday just to look like this bum lol

  2. What law, there's no Law in Mexico. Give up car, then hug Criminal.

  3. Interesting characters.

  4. Typical low life scum born in poverty, no education, no prospects and plenty of corruption around.

  5. That would be an epic shoot out if every Mexican would be allowed to carry a gun. Hundreds of death people on a daily basis.
    And all were sold from the US, a deal Donald will like.
    Thx Sol

    1. "all were sold from the US"
      100% LIE.
      Do some math, "hundreds of (dead) people on a daily basis"
      Wow sounds like an improvement!

    2. In 2009 alone, U.S. manufacturers sold 18,709 guns to the Mexican military .. About 26% of those guns were “diverted” into the wrong hands.

      This is because an estimated 150,000 Mexican soldiers have defected and now work for cartels. They take their military-issued guns with them.
      Additionally , Guatemala, and Heclker & Koch Germany . There are others responsible for the weapons, not just " US".... K ?

    3. 7:08 Do you get your statistics from fake news sources?

  6. He looks like a villain from an Austin powers movie.

  7. He got the message loud and clear, hes no Ovidio Guzman

  8. the purpose of these guys burning vehicles is simply a show, just because they seen it happen they assume they can. Why burn vehicles after he was already arrested? CJNG done it when its its leaders have been caught and they did it to block the exits and prevent the authorities from leaving with the detained individuals so that they can try to rescue the detained individuals, same thing with CDS and Ovidio, and to prevent reinforcements from arriving. These guys burn things up once hes taken.

  9. No mamen, estas pinches gilbertonas cada vez están pior de putonas...
    Junto con Gilbertona Lozano de Movimienton Ciudadano, javier Lozano y la Samuelita Garcia de nuevo lion.

  10. Nice boobs. Ill bet his dance card will be full when he gets to his new cell


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