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Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Highway Men 2019: 1500 Tractor Trailer Robberies

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: MND / Prologis
                                                     A target for highway robbers.
Highway robberies have totaled 1,500 so far this year, generating over 1.3 billion pesos (US $68 million) in losses, according to the Nuevo León Chamber of Industrial Transformation (Caintra).

Executive director Guillermo Dillon Montaña said that over 1,800 Caintra-affiliated businesses both big and small have been affected by highway robberies from January to the first half of December.

Of all the robberies in the country, 87% were concentrated in just 10 routes or specific points.

The route with the highest number of incidents was the Progreso-Monterrey highway between Tamaulipas and Nuevo León with 260 robberies. Next up were the Puebla-Veracruz highway with 212; Toluca-Orizaba with 97; and Celaya-León and Irapuato-Guanajuato with 46.

With some exceptions most of the robberies occurred at night.

“At Caintra over half of our partners report having had at least one theft of cargo or even the whole truck,” said president Adrián Sada Cueva. “It’s a very big challenge that we have to deal with and we hope that all the initiatives of the federal and state governments will yield results in the coming year.”

He added that the number of highway robberies has been high for years.

Another activity that has troubled Caintra and its affiliates this year has been the high number of railroad blockades, such as those by teacher training college students in Michoacán.

“We believe that the impact to economic activity is not negligible. We want to see the use of public force and authority, because the rule of law is not being respected,” said Dillon.

Check out this link for interesting Highway development info, albeit it old : Prologis


  1. Obrador what you going to do about merchandise, being lost to crooks in the millions? Nada but I can offer you some poems, come to my daily conferences.

    1. For thugs committing murder, rape, running rampant on drugs, come see AMLO, he will give you hugs. A criminal investigation or case, he will drop it, and when he hugs you, pick his pocket.

  2. Mexico wil l not make it. THe crime in the media reports very bad activity. I used to travel to Mexico yearly, now I will not go at all. From what I am readng, it is so dangerous in MExico, that I would not want to travel there without a fire arm. The Mexican government allows the outlaws to have firearms, but not the law abiding citizens.

    Some how, the Mexican needs to retake control. They can legalize black market products But when I saw that the criminals went and killed a police man for arresting the son of a big time drug dealer, that pretty much ended it for me.
    When I saw that people vacationing in Mexico from other countries, and the criminals were raping women, that did it.
    There is no reason to go to Mexico anymore.
    The mexican government needs to solve the problem, if this means going into the homes of the cartel and killing all the criminals, so be it. If this means legalizing drugs, then do it.
    A Mexican criminal must fear the law, and when a single policeman is walking down the street, the Mexican cartel members need to run and hide.
    Then I will consider a return.

    1. Your logic rings true, I am with you. If criminals have guns and are running amock, killing and raping, then why can't law abiding citizens carry.
      Would you believe the curupted government, works in tandem with the cartels, therefore they want it to continue.
      Noticed when US wanted to help in catching the cartel that killed kids and mother's of LeBron family. Well AlMO was quick to say, we don't need outside help.
      MEXICO needs help badly, and you see what the enept president states.
      El Perin de Tamp.

  3. I’m just wondering if it’s Trucks coming from U.S to a Mx company or trucks going out to U.S cause maybe ther looking for a cargo that could be worth a lot more like say if it’s coming from United States to x place in MX /$$$$/hidden stash.or Drugs if it’s going out of MX

  4. If I drive my camaro from Laredo border crossing to Monterrey is it safe?

  5. Extortionist need to be met with lead

  6. The trains get robbed too.


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