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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Juárez, Chihuahua: Organized Crime Executes 2 Men in Colonia Zacatecas

Video Safe to view.....translation is as follows:

Hello everyone, good afternoon. We currently find ourselves on the north western side of Ciudad Juárez. Where unfortunately the executions continue here in our city. We are at the intersection of Acacias and Berkelioi streets in the Zacatecas Neighborhood.

Where just one block away from that area on Calle Bismuto and Calle Acacias 2 men were executed who were washing this Ford Explorer SUV. They were left lying beside the vehicle. One on top of the other. One wears a gray-colored shirt. And the other a red colored shirt.

This is what can be seen in this image. There is the truck with the doors open because as we mentioned it, according to what the witnesses are saying, they were washing the truck when they were both shot to death. This street has already been cordoned off as part of the crime scene.

We can see the Municipal Agents are already there. Just as well some elements can also be seen here at the crime scene. There was a chase with one of the responsible on Calle Cromo. These deceased individuals have not been identified so far.

Unfortunately, the violence continues here on our border on the north western side of Ciudad Juarez. By way of this panoramic view we can see in the background there the Altavista school, the Parque Revolución, and the Parque Industrial Altavista.

We can also see El Paso, Texas. More or less to give you an idea of where we
currently are. And on this other side is the Sierra of Juárez. And this is the location where we currently are here in Colonia Zacatecas.

Sol Prendido  Borderland Beat   Source  

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  1. How dangerous is it for this guy to record drone footage like that? Do the cops or bad guys ever mess with the dude recording?


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