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Sunday, December 15, 2019

SLRC, Sonora: Police Take Get Control After an Hour Long Shootout

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFN TJ / Imparcial
                                            Shooting in SLRC, Sonora lasted more than 45 minutes

The municipal public security directorate of San Luis Río Colorado reported that the shooting ended in / outside  the house where it was reported to have belonged to organized crime.

Through a brief statement, they noted that the situation "was controlled" without specifying whether there were injuries or deaths in the shooting. The statement adds the following: “The Municipal Police announces that they are working on the scene and that once they have all the elements and data, the citizens will be informed.

Likewise, the neighbors are informed that they can  return to their homes, and that the authorities of the three levels of government are here to safeguard the life of citizens, ” the statement ends.

A shooting in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora that lasted more than 45 minutes in the Mayo 5 alley and 25th street was reported this afternoon. The shooting exchange was recorded for almost an hour and as the information was updated, it was said that it was an operation for the arrest of a nickname “El Charal”, who is accused of several homicides in the city, police sources reported.

In the area a strong operation was deployed by municipal, state and federal agents, as well as elements of the Army, who repelled the attack with automatic rifles and killed three people, including the suspect of the murder of municipal agents.

With multiple gunshot sounds, videos of the shooting were distributed in the border city  near Mexicali., BC.
The Calexico CA / Mexicali BC Border crossing or POE is just to the West on #5 that runs along the US / MX border.

Preliminarily it was reported that there is at least one person entrenched inside a house room with whom they share shots. At the moment no authority has officially reported what happened, the shooting began to register around 1:00 pm on Sunday. As stated above, it is thought that there are 3 dead.

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  1. Nothing to see here, just some drunks shooting it up, move along.


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