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Monday, September 16, 2019

Tabasco: 5 Killed in Bar "Las Rosas", Police Commander also Shot Dead

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y Radio Formula y UnoTV
A group of armed subjects shot and killed five people on the night of this Sunday, September 15, prior to the El Grito, inside the bar "Las Rosas" (some local media handle the names of "Doña Rosa" or "Rossana") , located in the community of Luis Pérez Gil, or Rancho Estancia Vieja of the municipality of Centro, whose municipal center is the town of Villahermosa, in the state of Tabasco.

According to local media, the group of armed men entered the commercial establishment, near the Villahermosa-Reforma highway, and then headed towards a group of people who were drinking beer, sitting at a table. It is presumed that the perpetrators fled in two vehicles with direction toward Chiapas. No one has been identified at this time or motive known.

Warning: Extremely Graphic Images up next:

Personnel of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) arrived at the scene to take the bodies and transfer another three injured people to a nearby hospital. 

In addition, the road was closed to traffic and the case was turned to the experts of the State Attorney General's Office , who have already carried out the corresponding investigations and transferred the bodies to the forensic medical service for the necropsy of the law.

The elements of the National Guard also arrived at the scene, who coordinated with elements of the State Police to carry out the corresponding investigations.

So far the motive of the attack is unknown , as well as the number of attackers and the route and means in which they fled the place after perpetrating the aggression.

This is the second attack in the municipality of Centro during the weekend, Saturday an official of the Intelligence Unit of the State Police of Tabasco was shot to death.

The official - who had served as director of the Cárdenas Municipal Police - was traveling in the company of two people in a van on the Villahermosa Peripheral, when a group of armed men aboard another vehicle tried to intercept him.

In an attempt to escape the attack, the police commander named Guadalupe Domínguez, managed to reach the entrance of a bar called “Hybrid”, where he received several shots, although his companions were unharmed and the attackers fled the scene.


  1. I don’t see it in the video

  2. Watch it 2 or 3 occurs, not exactly as described. At least 2 guys get shot.

  3. Esta cabrona la situación...ahora matan asta borrachitos

  4. Villahermos . . rotten. Go there, very unpleasant. Way station between Veracruz and Too. AMLO wants a complete investigation into El Paso. Murder convictions in USA are down to 60% in USA from 90%. Mexico, 2%. AMLO get your own house in order with these continual tragic killings. In USA, would be Google News headlines

  5. El Guero Velasco former Chiapas governor puts his PVEM Party at AMLO`s feet, that maybe he won't be put in prison for public corruption and trying to bribe judges with millions of peisos, probably dollars too.
    Chiapanecos can't murder AMLO, but other tabasquenos may die for him that others may live.

  6. A vigilante with a sniper rifle, would have been able to finish those lowlife criminals. They went into the bar, to shoot me unarmed persons.

  7. That one guy in the chair doesn't look dead but for the blood, and more like that one uncle everyone has who gets shit-faced plastered and passes out sitting up.


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