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Monday, September 16, 2019

TJ Weekend Toll Includes Body Cut in Pieces Found in 4 Bags

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta y ElSol y AFN
During the week of September 6 to 12, the federal government registered 627 preliminary malicious killings in the 32 federal entities of the country, equivalent to 82 crimes every 24 hours.

The database that the federal government integrates every day, mentions that in the last week the figure of 100 deaths in two days was exceeded. The first was on September 7, with 105 murders and the second on September 8, with 101.

According to the report, 60 were registered in Guanajuato; Baja California and Jalisco, 47 respectively: Michoacán, 44; State of Mexico, 42; Veracruz, 32 and Puebla, 31.

Violence in Tijuana, BC keeps helping these statistics along:

Violent deaths continue in the city of Tijuana, adding 1,629 homicides so far this year. During the last 24 hours, 10 people, three women and seven men were murdered at different points.

Human remains, apparently of the same person, were found scattered in several parts of the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood on Saturday morning, as was a card with an organized crime message . 

According to police authorities, at 07:20am  the discovery of a black bag with human remains was reported, on Farmers Street in the Reacomodo Sánchez Taboada neighborhood.

Officers who arrived at the place found the bag inside which there were only two upper limbs.

Minutes later, at 07:35am, on Sanchez Taboada Street in the colony of the same name, another black bag was found with a human head inside, as well as a card with a message whose content was not revealed by the authority. 

At the same time of this second finding, the report was received that warned that on the 12 de Octubre street, in the Colinas de Cortez neighborhood, a sheet with a lump inside had been located. 

Police officers who attended the report indicated that it was a human torso, and on the site there was also a sign with red letters, apparently with threats between criminal groups. 

Finally, at 08:50 a.m., in the Cruz del Sur street of the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood, next to the health center that is located there, another bag was found, also in black, with a pair of lower limbs.

The agent of the Public Ministry ordered the transfer of human remains to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service.
On Friday, Sept 13 investigating authorities added 11 homicide victims in the city of Tijuana to accumulate a total of 95 in the first 13 days of September.

Three of the eight reports recorded by the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE), were of double murders, in each case there was one woman. In the other five murders on Friday, the victims were men shot dead.

The first was in a domicile of the San Carlos subdivision, Cerro Colorado delegation, the second in the Buenos Aires south colony, and the third in the Maclovio Rojas colony.

In the first and the last of the cases, the official information says that the bodies had gunshots, while in the second the bodies were located in a state of rot in a vehicle parked on public roads.

None of the six people killed in those three events is officially identified yet.
In another event, early Sunday morning , approx 12:30 am , the death of Luis Armando Sarabia Pérez, 34 was reported in Durango alley, in the Mexico neighborhood, who presented an injury to the head. At the scene also were found fragments of a crystal pipe.

An hour later, the body of Christian Moisés Arisqueta Aguilar, 26, was found inside an address of a home in Salvia, of the Natura subdivision, Arboledas section, where impacts to the wall  of the dining area was identified.

In Addition: Three women and seven men murdered in the last hours;
A triple homicide was registered in the Terrazas San Ángel neighborhood,  the victims being  two men and an unidentified woman.

The report issued by the Attorney General of State Justice (PGJE), describes that the bodies were found inside a vehicle. The three bodies presented the coup de grace, gagged and tied hands.

On the pavement of Vallecitos Street in the La Joya neighborhood,  the lifeless body of Pedro Rivas Almeida, 52, who was shot and killed was found, without any of his assailants being arrested.

The crushed corpse of a man, of whom no further information was provided, was located on Tlaloc Street in the Lomas Tijuana neighborhood. The body was held by the feet and neck with a yellow rope.

José Guadalupe Mejía Álvarez, 22 years old was killed in the back, receiving several bullet impacts. The homicide occurred on  Rocky Street in the Urbi Villa del Prado neighborhood, second section.

Meanwhile, in Colonia Torres, at the intersection of Matamoros Street and Torre Latinoamericana Avenue, a burned and decapitated corpse was found. A second burned body was left on Felipe Villanueva Street in the Nueva Tijuana neighborhood.

In addition, on the Tijuana - Tecate highway, at  Rancho El Roble, the discovery of the lifeless body of a woman was reported, whose identity is unknown.

Almost simultaneously, Zaira Lizbeth Gómez Torres, who hours before had been reported deprived of her freedom in the Ejido Rojo Gómez neighborhood, was found lifeless.

With these deaths, the month of September has accumulated 95 people killed maliciously.


  1. Tijuana is hot, killing people, like it is the Wild Wild West. Kidnapping, extortion, property theft.

    1. Tijuana is Tijuana it's been like that for years and years nothing new

  2. Everybody loves Tijuana!

  3. Omgggg Ejido Rojo Gómez 😭 My mom lives there. It's literally the last colonia before hitting Cerro Colorado. So eerie 😣😓

  4. Interesting that the states named all have CJNG presence

    1. CJNG making every state of Mexico great again 🇲🇽

  5. Human life has gotten cheap in Tijuana, that's s lot of killings, who is ALMO directing, in lowering the homicide one, but he is sure good at jokes and riddles.

    1. I don't Understand. Homicides r up!!!---!!!!! But the people r Happy Happy happy!!!! Mexico scares me . Hope people get Happier

  6. 3:19 not that Kiko Vega has anything to do with any of it, much less wise ass knowitall Julian Leyzaola, the retired Mexican army lieutenant graduated from the School Of the Americas to become the terrorist torturing and Murdering chief of police in Morelos, BC and Cd Juarez and back to Tijuas.

  7. I thought AFO had it on lock?


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