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Friday, July 12, 2019

FGR Policeman Shoots Down Helicopter by Mistake

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic ( FGR)) apprehended an element of the State Police of Mexico for his alleged responsibility in the crimes of qualified homicide and qualified injuries, after the shooting down of a helicopter on June 16 in the community of Rincon de Cristo, municipality of Sultepec.

Officials of the federal government explained that initially handled the report version that the officers fired at the aircraft  a suspected member of organized crime was allegedly trying to escape , but so far after the investigation  all indications that it was a confusion of the police.

Meanwhile, the FGR indicated that in the investigation folder it is mentioned that the element of the State PoliceHe probably fired on the helicopter in which three women and one minor were traveling, who were injured at the time of the collapse of the aircraft, while the pilot was killed by a firearm projectile.
The Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) announced that in the most recent report in forensic chemistry carried out on the body found in the helicopter that collapsed last Sunday in the community Rincon de Cristo, in Sultepec, the victim and pilot had a bullet impact in the back, although in the first inspection there was no injury of this type. 

The agency made an opinion on field criminalistics, lifted the body and transferred it to the facilities of the General Coordination of Expert Services of the Mexican prosecutor's office, where a firearm projectile was detected.
"An exhaustive necropsy report was carried out, specialized experts determined that it presented various injuries, among them ecchymosis, abrasions on the neck, chest compression and finally a projectile injury from a firearm on the back, at the height of the first thoracic vertebra".

According to eyewitness accounts , as well as expert opinions in the field of criminology field, forensic ballistics and mechanical injury, and he allegedly fired his gun charge against the helicopter , so the Federal Public Ministry requested an arrest warrant before the control judge  against him.

Elements of the Federal Ministerial Police complied with the court order to subsequently intern him in the Penitentiary and Social Reinsertion Center Santiaguito, in Almoloya de Juárez, at the disposal of the judge of the case.

The investigation was carried out in collaboration with the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico, the State Attorney General's Office and the Ministry of National Defense.


  1. I read an the original story before they made investigations. It said that cjng members were evading capture in the helicopter and they shot bn it down

  2. So can we assume it was intentionally motivated?

  3. 11:03 the gun did not got itself out of the holster, took aim and shot at the helicopter, which did not warn it was occupied by peepol!
    It is usually the helicopters shooting down on suspect luxury cars killing the suspected drug trafficking narco-sicarios husband and wife and their children. This pendejo needs to be euthanized ASAP.

  4. Private security companies teaching "shoot to kill tactics" should be made responsible, their trainees are too expensive, and when it comes to answering for their crimes or stupidity IF FOUND, they get defense funding from the government.
    Now #1 question is who the fack certified this motherfacker for his job and his weapon?


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