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Friday, July 12, 2019

Federal Judge Denies Amparo and Orders Capture of Ex Chihuahua Gov Cesar Duarte

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElFinanciero
  Federal Judge of Morelos orders capture of the ex-governor of Chihuahua César Duarte

The magistrate dismissed the amparo with which he sought to prevent his capture by any of the 21 arrest warrants that he has against him.

By: Samuel García
Chihuahua: A federal judge of the state of Morelos ordered the Chihuahua government Thursday to proceed with the capture of former governor César Duarte Jáquez , on whom there are 21 arrest warrants for the crimes of embezzlement, aggravated embezzlement and illegal enrichment , among others.

The instruction of the judge of the Eighth District Court has reached both the State Security Commission, Investigation Police, as well as the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR).

The head of the Legal Department of the government of the State, Ricardo Espinoza Cortés, said that the ex Governor, through his lawyers, promoted  a series of amparos against the arrest warrants that exist against him with judges from the center of the country.

He announced that most of these amparos have been processed in courts of the State of Mexico, several of them in Toluca, although these are not an impediment to arrest him now from the moment he steps on Mexican territory.

"He can not do it in Chihuahua (protect himself) because it is a strategy of his lawyers, in complicity with the PRI government of Edomex, but that is where they have been resolved and denied most of those amparos," the official explained.
Since the end of his mandate as Governor of the State of Chihuahua in October 2016, Duarte crossed the border with the United States on the grounds that the aftermath due to the helicopter accident he had in August 2016, when he arrived at his ranch in the municipality of Balleza, was deemed his personal responsibility.
The government of Javier Corral initiated the proceedings against Javier Duarte Jáquez during the end of the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto but the process never materialized.

During the current federal government, the State of Chihuahua announced that it will submit a new complaint that is related to the diversion of resources from the treasury to finance a new bank, with which it will formulate a new request for the ex Governor's extradition.
                                                 Governor of Chihuahua Javier Corral
According to state authorities, during the management of Duarte more than one thousand 230 million pesos have been allegedly diverted. One source below states the amount as 5 billion pesos.

According to Chihuahua authorities, Duarte maintains his activities between the states of New Mexico and Texas.

The Rumor:
Florence, Italy, July 11, 2019: The ex-governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte Jáquez, was arrested today by agents of Interpol. The PGR expects that it will be repatriated in the coming days on the weighing at least 21 arrest warrants for electoral crimes and embezzlement.

The Chihuahua ex-lieutenant remained a fugitive for almost three years in which he was wanted by the police in 190 countries, until now he was arrested in Florence, Italy, by Interpol authorities in that nation.

The Attorney General's Office requested Interpol, in 2017, the issuance of a red card against Duarte, because a federal judge issued an arrest warrant against the former governor for his participation in electoral crimes and embezzlement. SOURCE

Mexico City, Mexico , July 12, 2019:  Attorney Ricardo Sánchez Reyes Retana and the Attorney General's Office denied the arrest of former Chihuahua governor César Duarte in Italy.

In an interview with Grupo Milenio, the lawyer assured that the former official has not been arrested, but neither did he reveal his location. On the other hand, the FGR also confirmed that Interpol has not reported on the catch.

However, on Thursday afternoon the eighth district judge of the state of Morelos sentenced to proceed against César Duarte for the more than 20 arrest warrants against him. The resolution was notified to the FGR and to the agencies in charge of international procedures for the capture of Duarte. SOURCE
César Duarte Jáquez is wanted by the justice of Chihuahua and the State of Mexico since September 2017 for the deviation of around 5 billion pesos. It is suspected that the former governor is in the state of Texas in the United States, where he has properties in his name and on behalf of his wife, Bertha Gómez Fong.


  1. La linea misses you duarte!

    1. No hay mas linia que la que les dejo el Capulina en los calzones
      cagados cuando salio como pedo de Indio pal "Paso Del Norte" en tejas, lugar de los Americanos, heheheee...
      A pa pedito que le sacaron al pinchi Cesar "el Capulina" Duarte y pior el pedote que le van a sacar con todo lo que se robo.
      Eso se sacan por andar ahi de calientes eligiendo gobernador a un pinche ratero PRIISTA vendedor de carros robados en el US.

  2. Great news, i hope he gets tough jail time...or shot.
    Greedy bastard.

  3. Fuckers like Duarte and the former mayor of ciudad Jaurez have mountain properties in Ruidoso NM. They live the high life there not bothered by anyone and relatively close to Mexico so they can come and go as they please. Nobody in the U.S. is looking for Duarte so CBP will not stop him in the ports of entry as well as Mexican customs do not give two cents if they seem him cross into that country. Some of those idiots are too busy making money off of people entering Mexico they would probably not even recognize his face if they saw him anyways.

    1. How can one disguise a face like that? Truly doubt that a plastic surgeon can make miracles.

    2. If i was smarter i might start to think there's a pattern of corrupt politicians finding refuge in 'merica aka USA

    3. 11:14 is that Ruidoso of Ruidoso Downs fame where the Zetas made their name in horse racing?

  4. Excellent yanqui arrest the fool.

  5. What will transpire of this? A slap on the wrist like many before him with a fine and nothing more?

  6. Governors get away with anything illegal in Mexico. He will not serve no time in prison I am 110% sure of that

    1. And that is why Mexico is what it is.


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