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Friday, July 12, 2019

7 Members of “Los Tanzanios” Fall in Iztapala

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
                                                                    "Los Tanzanios" 
Capital authorities arrested seven alleged members of the criminal organization narcomenudistas , identified as one of the most dangerous operating in Mexico City . 

The narcomenudistas band that operates in Coyoacán where captured by Elements of the Undersecretariat of Police Operation of the Secretary of Public Safety ( SSC ) in Colonia Leyes de Reforma , Mayor Iztapalapa , where the violent criminal group has its center of operations. 

Confiscated three firearms and more than 1,300 doses of drugs ready for sale.  The arrests were made in Canal de Tezontle and Calle 24 de Abril, 1860, as part of the Operator Rastrillo (rake). 

The detainees are:
Antonio de Jesús "A", 21 years old and with a prior to the Reclusorio Oriente for robbery to passerby.
Alex Geovanni "H", 21 years old and with a prior to the North Prison, for robbery to transient. 
César Geovanni "S", 25 years old; Antonio "O", 23 years old; 
Juan Manuel "C", 23 years old and with a prior to the Northern Prison for Crimes against health 
José Ernesto "S", 22 years old, and Diego "F", 34 years old. 

Confiscated by the Capital Attorney's Office:
9 mm caliber pistol with magazine and 10 useful cartridges, Automatic 380 caliber pistol and 7 useful cartridges,  45 mm caliber pistol and 8 useful cartridges,  In addition: 1,127 gray doses of drugs and 180 blue pills,  Six kilos of marijuana, and a scale,  29 bottles of approximately 20 milliliters of solvent known as "active", 10 grams of rock cocaine and 825 pesos in cash. 

Due to their danger, the suspects were transferred in a Unimog armored vehicle to the Central Investigation Agency of the capital attorney's office. 


  1. More like 7 Roaches fall

  2. Alguien sabe si estos son AK47?

  3. Seems like the cops are only going after small cells in Mexico city making room for the bigger cartels like union tepito and cjng

  4. Is that guy on the top right crying?

  5. These guys look like they haven’t slept or changed clothes in days lol is this cheap criminal life really worth it.

  6. I wonder if the 180 blue pills are the fake oxys we are seeing get seized at the border...

    Pretty pathetic load however; some weed, crack and less than 1000 pesos...

    1. 10:51 they could be viagras,
      I hear they have invaded Michuakan state.
      Mexicans are more horny asses than drug addicts, most of it is forced sales but there are a lot of tourists that will buy the most crappy of the fake shit to feel like home.

  7. All of the drugs and guns, but only 825 pesos in cash. Time to find a new jale.

  8. What is "active" ?


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