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Saturday, May 11, 2019

They add 35 exhumed bodies from three pits this week in the ZMG (Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara)

The head of the agency, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, informed that the control judges were asked for four searches in four different points of the metropolitan area.

The State Prosecutor's Office has located the remains of 35 people in three clandestine graves in the last week in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara.

The head of the unit, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, informed that the control judges were asked for four searches in four different points of the zone.

Only on San Antonio Street and El Campanario farm, in the El Campanario neighborhood, in the municipality of Zapopan, 27 bodies have been located since work began on Tuesday, May 7. Of the total, he said, only two victims have been identified.

"In the last of the searches, in which we have been working more intensively, in fact, we are still working at this moment; There have been located 27 bodies of people who were kidnapped. We have two people identified at this time. "

At this point, said Solís Gómez, they are working on excavations with heavy machinery. "We are digging more than 3 meters deep. We are helping with heavy machinery, with engineers to do structural calculations and we don’t want to weaken some of the perimeter walls. "

In the house of the Quinta Velarde neighborhood , in Guadalajara, secured on Friday, May 3, after the release of nine people, seven skulls were found. "Which indicate that there would’ve been at least seven people who were buried in secrecy. They also found various skeletal remains," said the Prosecutor.

He emphasized that at this point the work has been complicated "because there are acids, caustic soda, which does not allow the staff to work no more than 20 minutes, half an hour and then they have to leave".

On property secured by elements of the Mexican Army last Thursday at the Lomas del Mirador subdivision, in Tlajomulco, "a person was found (buried) and there are four people (detained) at this time placed at the disposal of the Ministerio Público”.

The Prosecutor indicated that the excavations will continue until the end of the entire process of the farms.

He added that groups and people from other states of the Republic have come to see if they can find their missing relatives.

In the searches, Solís Gómez added, they also found six vehicles, some with reports of theft and others that were associated with criminal activities. Tactical equipment with lettering from the State Attorney General's Office and from the Republics Attorney General's Office "as if to simulate that they were police corporations.”

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Eloccidential


  1. There was nothing happening for a long time in jalisco de las Jaliskas as in Veracruz, Cd Juarez, Nayarit, the poolesias del estado trying to hide their victims to keep the account low and the business alive. The police uniforms may be authentic because poolice is the perp usually.

  2. Nobody rides stolen troques like the state and local polesias.

  3. And to think that the butchering of people will stop with decriminalizing drugs.
    These people know nothing more than to kill for economic means. It's not like job opportunities are in abundance with decent wages.
    The government of Mexico failed its citizens (like other countries) to create job opportunities in many of its most vulnerable areas. Only to resort to what's transpiring in Mexico today.
    Leaving many to suffer from lack of development. While enriching those officials who can care less of their communities but their pockets.

    These practices are widely visible in America today. This capitalist country has enriched those 1% while others are struggling to make ends meet. A falsehood to the American dream by entrusting those Wall Street companies by implementing their own regulatory policies. Creating a crisis of an immoral society with inequality.

    What's interesting is how America pitched this ideology for all to believe. Instilling this falsehood of political righteousness unto its religious beliefs. Only to be disputed by those religious organizations in the end. Catholics like others have always expressed their discontent with this political ideology. Where the majority are neglected and oppressed by those capitalist powers.

    Michael Moore's documentary of CAPITALISM, A LOVE STORY is a harsh and truthful insight of American life.

  4. something happens everyday here in jalisco, only part of it is made public

  5. There is thousands more bodies out there, drug dealing has no winners. It's suicide in Mexico to join a cartel


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