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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tamaulipas Seized: Trucks, grenades, rifles and 1 person rescued in Reynosa

Reynosa, Tamaulipas .- The Ministry of Public Security reports that elements of the State Police carried out various actions this Friday, May 10 in the municipalities of Reynosa and Rio Bravo, during which they located and secured 5 vans -one of them armor plated, 3 grenades, 3 rifles, 44 magazines, radio communication devices, tactical gear, ballistic equipment and 4 packages with green grass. A victim of kidnapping was released.

The first event was recorded at 11:00 am, when State personnel responded to a call from C-4 where, through the camera system, two vehicles with armed people were detected in the Loma Real de Reynosa subdivision.

When the vehicles were located on El Becerro crevasse, the occupants of the trucks fired at the officers while fleeing, and in defense the police repelled the attack.

Several streets ahead, the assailants left behind a blue Chevrolet Tahoe with Texas plates, in whose trunk was a man bound and gagged, who was freed.

Subsequently, another black Ford F-150 truck was found abandoned, inside there were 35 loaded magazines, an empty magazine, a magazine in poor condition, a ballistic helmet, two ballistic plates and metallic stars known as ponchallantas (caltrops).

On the other hand, at 11:20 a.m. during safety and surveillance tours over a land crevasse located in the vicinity of Los Fresnos subdivision, an abandoned Chevrolet Avalanche van was found that does not have a report of theft. Inside was a rifle, 7 loaded magazines and 4 tactical vests.

Minutes later, at 11:40 hours the state troops found another pick-up truck abandoned in an uninhabited home in the vicinity of a breach parallel to the Rio Grande. Inside the vehicle -which has a report of theft, there were kevlar helmets, magazines, two rifles, tactical equipment and 3 different types of grenades.

When inspecting the unoccupied property, the state policemen found a box with a repeater for radio communications, 3 rifles and 2 buttstocks. In addition, on the property there were 2 antennas and 4 packages of approximately 5 kilograms. Each covered with industrial tape that contained a green and dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana.

Finally, in the municipality of Rio Bravo, at 12:25 hours. Officers from the State Police discovered in the Noé Garza Martínez neighborhood. A cherry colored Chevrolet Tahoe pickup, with Texas license plates, from which the assailants fired at them to escape.

The attackers abandoned the vehicle at the crest of the Palo Blanco community after crashing the armor plated truck.

The vehicles and weapons were placed at the disposal of the ministerial authority for the corresponding investigations, while assistance was given to the kidnapped individual to give account of the facts.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. Does anyone know about Council of United Cartels in Tamaulipas
    a new Zeta-CDG alliance to drive off CJNG and CDN from Tamaulipas

    1. Like KING ARTHUR'S ROUNDTABLE but without swords. Only machetes.

    2. Have you seen or heard of any incidents on the ground to back that?

  2. More like a poor-mans criminal organization here.


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