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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Parents of murdered minors were narcomenudistas (drug pushers)

On the subject, the governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, made it clear that the majority of the intentional homicides registered in the state, and particularly in the Metropolitan Area, are related to the sale of drugs.

The parents of the two minors killed in Tlajomulco and Guadalajara, on the morning of Friday, May 3 and the afternoon of May 10, respectively, were engaged in the sale of drugs, as reported at a press conference by the State Prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís.

In the case of the three-year-old girl who was shot by gunmen on the morning of Friday, May 3, when her father was forcibly taken away at the subdivision Villas de la Hacienda, in Tlajomulco, the State Prosecutor said that the parent was selling drugs.

"From versions of the family itself, the father was engaged in the sale of drugs at retail. In fact, in that farm was located a weapon and various quantities of drugs already packaged for sale, "he said.

This man was released alive with 11 people, hours later, that same day, in a house in the town of San Sebastián El Grande, where four men were also found murdered with a knife.

According to the investigations of the Office of the Prosecutor, the man who was killed along with his 10-year-old son on Friday afternoon, aboard a gray Sentra car on the streets of the Insurgentes de Guadalajara neighbored, also engaged in drug dealing along with other members of his family.

"The driver of the vehicle, the father, had a history of crimes against health. As well as his mother-in-law, a brother and also a brother-in-law. This marks a very high risk tendency towards all the members of that family ", emphasized the Prosecutor.

"Those who get into the drug business will have a bad ending, endangering their families, their children as well as themselves," said the Mandatario Estatal.

On the other hand, the coordinator of the Security Cabinet, Macedonio Tamez Guajardo, indicated that the liberation of 19 people in the houses of the Quinta Velarde and San Sebastián El Grande colonies, Guadalajara and Tlajomulco, respectively, came about by research work of the prosecution.

"If they are being found it is because of the investigation that is being carried out by the Public Prosecutor's Office. And the complaints that are being made from detainees. As well as those released from other security houses," said Macedonio Tamez Guajardo.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Eloccidental


  1. Decriminalization will not resolve the issue of violence against drug pushers. The more clients; The more money.

  2. Mexico isn't alone with the increasing drug violence epidemic.

    Here in the United States of America the epidemic of drugs violence is often met with dismissal. Rather, of little interest and concern due to political correctness.
    Armed robberies, murders and kidnappings are not uncommon in relation to drugs and money. Drug offenses from drug disputes or other are the most common apprehensions by law enforcement agencies.
    An epidemic focused only on the addiction aspect and its origins (country of drug manufacturing / distribution). Not the other; The violence attributed due to drugs.
    Downplayed for unknown reasons.

    I have many family members in law enforcement to verify the facts of this problem we also have been faced with.

    1. Total lie..its nothing like Mexico. Mexico is in a class of its own. Comparing the two is intellectually dishonest and not even close in comparison. However, with the increase of illegals you see an increase in this kind of stuff. Most of them arent a problem.. the problem is along with the " good " ones you get the culture that comes with it. I know this for a fact.. I live in a small town in south Texas. Normal kinda crime etc.. but with the increase of illegals in the last few years your seeing murders and other stuff ive never seen in 40 years here. You look at the jail ( its public online ) inmates and its 98 percent Mexicans! And most of it is DWI( no liscense either ), drugs and family violence. These are just the facts and the truth. Once calm peacefull communities are being trashed by this " culture ". It aint racist either! Its the truth!! I hope millions of people from another country flood Mexico and demand everything in their own language and demand to be citizens ( at your exspense of course ). Cause thats exactly what they do here!!! See how your attitude changes when the tables turn. And they will...

    2. I'm from the Chicago area; this like many cities are facing violence associated with drugs. Many communities here are war zones due to what's transpiring in Mexico (turf wars for drug sales). Where law enforcement are instructed to enter in numbers. Never alone. Children and families enforcing curfews for fear of safety due to escalation of violence.
      Mexicans aren't the cause for the violence you speak of. Rather, those people of all races who are associated with drugs. That's where the problem lies.

      Think your true identity of being a racist has conflicted your perception of reality.

    3. @5.48- Nobody ever talks about drug violence in the US because of ''political correctness''? Oh man.. Arrests for the sale of drugs in the US has been used since Nixon as a weapon against the poor, and the actual reasons for the police ''going where the crime is'' (50 years of red-lining, underfunding, and media scapegoating) have been muddied with each new generation, so don't pretend it's the other way around just because you listen to too many stories from your jaded uncles.

  3. And the headline will justify the lessening of vigorous efforts to find the culprits, put them on trial, find them guilty then imprison them for fifty years and not a day less? The PGR needs to focus on shining the light on los cucarachas, los juez who adjudicate according to the highest bidder. The ironic part about this particular case is that the difuntos themselves helped to subsidize their own murderers.

  4. What are the odds that decriminalization of drugs will stop the drug violence?
    Will this policy provide security measures from what's transpiring (turf wars) in Mexico? Added with the addicts who will continue to support their habits by any means necessary (robbery, killing and kidnapping). Let's not forget the overdose rate to follow.
    It's not rocket science to see this type of behavior being displayed here in the United States.

    Studies indicate that with the decriminalization of alcohol more deaths have been contributed in the US. Liver disease, vehicular homicide, and other violent acts are among those that have attributed to alcohol. This (alcohol) like tobacco were only approved for additional revenue purposes. Like marijuana with its tax revenue gain for those states who have decriminalized it.
    Its just a matter of time before decriminalization of more drugs in the US become apparent. A failed war on drugs with the potential huge earnings if doing so. Profiting in death is BIG BUSINESS.

    1. Just go read what decriminalization did for Portugal and get back to us.

  5. The pinche governor is giving himself a grand bath of onions and purity, I suspect his state security police are behind it all, now they are planting arrests and murderers in their houses of death to put more cream on their tacos, reports with input from the "mandatario estatal" are usually nothing but bullshit.
    Let's see real criminologists and hear from families of often falsely accused who confess under torture because Jaliskas police are worse than re narcos, and they can be more interested in hiding their victims to prove that "no pasa nada" a bit longer. Guess nobody was into reporting disappearances before these accidental discoveries, were they affraid of the police?

    1. Interesting comment. Has truth to what u state.


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